Chief District Judge Arrested in N.M.

Well how can it get any better, a prosecutor on Friday and Chief District Judge on Sunday both mixed up in drugs and sex. This is good stuff. Let’s get this straight . We got people on seven continents try kill us and we want to talk about drug and sex. I just love all this. We gonna win this war on drugs. Just keep this up

Mind you I do not believe that one should operate an automobile without mental capacity to have eye, hand and feet coordinatedWe gonna win the war
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Weirdharold Speaks

Maybe someone can help me. I do not understand why all the print , TV, cable & internet news media go to the Jewish members of the press to get objective political account on the war in Iraq.

I would not go to a member of the McCoy family to get an objective account of the Hatfield family.

Weirdharold says
Author: harold