Education on Drugs

The only person more insane than an addict that continues to use is the one trying to make him stop. Talk for 5 minutes to an AlAnon member that have developed some spiritual methods to take care of herself and stop taking care of the afflicted. She will tell you of the benefits(lack thereof) of pouring out the alcoholic’s drink. Is not our society doing the same with the drug war. Where do we need to start the education. Is not every person responsible for his our actions? What is this idea that our government must take that we do not injure ourselves? Is every crime that is committed related to drugs? Why is it ok for police to kill people if the are on drugs (Nathaniel Jones) then say we were following procedures. Listed link below is Scare Mongering in its worst form. I bet big bucks the folks get grant money to keep web site up.Scare MongeringRepost
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Drug enforcement in Tupelo and Lee County

I received a letter from a decision making member of the court saying drug and alcohol offenders constitute the majority of their dockets. Now this comes on the heels of article in Daily Journal of 6/20/04 with the sheriff saying the majority of his work is devoted to drug & alcohol enforcement. Only to be proceeded by the article on 6/8/04 saying the jail is full. A jail built less than a decade ago. Sounds like we are spending a lot of time and resources on this issue with little success.

I have a web site that I devoted part of the site to this issue. I am only a voice in the wilderness and I am fully aware of this fact. I think the Federal Government should change laws and look for individual responsibility and consumer protection. Stop the looking for a solution via prohibiting use which the addict and others cannot control under ordinary conditions.

But of course we in Tupelo do not have that control, we are represented in Washington but there is no political will for change there. That is why I am a voice in the dark on this issue.

I am going to make a suggestion that could be carried out if there is will. There is a Spiritual Fellowship called Al-Anon. This was formed in the early fifties by the wife of the cofounder of Alcoholics Anonymous. Al-Anon is an acronym for Alcoholics Anonymous. The founder of Alcoholics Anonymous felt compassion for the families of alcoholics but he thought if he really tried to help the families and friends of alcoholics, Alcoholics Anonymous would shift their effort away from alcoholics and their sobriety. He urged his wife to start this fellowship

My suggestion is simple. Every employee of Lee County that is charged with arresting , detaining, or involved in judicial review of drug addicts or alcoholics attends one Al-Anon meeting per week for one year. When this is accomplished I will make this surety. If this is what we want.

1. The sheriff department’s work will be lessened
2. The jail will have less prisoners.
3. The court dockets will be lessened
4. Many drug addicts and alcoholic will seek viable treatment or drink and drug in another county.
5. Reported crime will decrease

But as I said before we may not want these things!

One point, I am not a member of Al-Anon. They do not solicit or advertise, but they do let their friends recommend them.
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Meth ‘Ice’ bust made

I wish I could believe the follow text in bold. It is pure fantasy nothing more, nothing less. The people think they have done something so great. I think they should go Salem, MA and burn a couple of witches

According to NIDA, there is no such thing as a “safe” dose of ice, since there have been reports of users suffering strokes the first time they smoked the drug. High doses of methamphetamine damage neuron cell-endings. Dopamine- and serotonin-containing neurons do not die after methamphetamine use, but their nerve endings (“terminals”) are cut back and re-growth appears to be limited.

The central nervous system (CNS) actions that result from taking even small amounts of methamphetamine include increased wakefulness, increased physical activity, decreased appetite, increased respiration, hyperthermia, and euphoria. Other CNS effects include irritability, insomnia, confusion, tremors, convulsions, anxiety, paranoia, and aggressiveness. Hyperthermia and convulsions can result in death.

Methamphetamine causes increased heart rate and blood pressure and can cause irreversible damage to blood vessels in the brain, producing strokes. Other effects of methamphetamine include respiratory problems, irregular heartbeat, and extreme anorexia. Its use can result in cardiovascular collapse and death.

fantasy Bold is from the text of story
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Big Price for Big Book

The master copy of the working draft of the book “Alcoholics Anonymous,” which belonged to William Wilson, a co-founder of A.A., was sold at auction yesterday for $1.576 million. Sotheby’s sold the 161-page manuscript, considered the bible of A.A., to a classic book collector from La Jolla, Calif., said Matthew Weigman, a spokesman.

The auction house had estimated the manuscript’s price at $300,000 to $500,000. It was offered for sale by an unidentified A.A. member who said he received it from an aunt who knew Wilson.

Some collectors and scholars expressed concern that the manuscript’s sale would put it out of the reach of scholars interested in studying 12-step programs like A.A., which some consider one of the most important movements of the 20th century. They wanted the manuscript to go to A.A. or to an archive.

The typewritten manuscript has a multitude of annotations that showed how the Big Book, as it is known, was very much a group project. Early drafts went to dozens of people, from alcoholics to psychologists. In the manuscript’s margins they refined the language and hammered out their philosophy of how only another alcoholic could help an alcoholic stop drinking. It was published in 1939.

Wilson, better known as Bill W., founded A.A. with Robert Smith in 1935 and became very much its public face. He died of emphysema in 1971.

A 1978 inscription on the manuscript is from Wilson’s wife, Lois Wilson (who died in 1988), to a “Barry.” Some historians think that is the writer Barry Leach, who wrote a biography of herSubmitted By Poochild via e-mail
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New sheriffs agree: Drugs are biggest challenge

Has either one of these young men every set down on a log and said why am I chasing drug dealers all over the Lee and Itawamba counties for what reason? They are not at fault they are doing as they are told. I am in no way saying what those predators are doing should be legal, but I am saying a legal and well regulated drug industry would put those guys out of business before a cat could lick his ass. I am positive that our society would be much, much more peaceful and the negative effective of drug use could be recognized and treated without the use of force through our legal services. We are for sure the most confused society over what is dangerous and is not. May the peace of Jesus Christ be with us all.
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