Education on Drugs

The only person more insane than an addict that continues to use is the one trying to make him stop. Talk for 5 minutes to an AlAnon member that have developed some spiritual methods to take care of herself and stop taking care of the afflicted. She will tell you of the benefits(lack thereof) of pouring out the alcoholic’s drink. Is not our society doing the same with the drug war. Where do we need to start the education. Is not every person responsible for his our actions? What is this idea that our government must take that we do not injure ourselves? Is every crime that is committed related to drugs? Why is it ok for police to kill people if the are on drugs (Nathaniel Jones) then say we were following procedures. Listed link below is Scare Mongering in its worst form. I bet big bucks the folks get grant money to keep web site up.Scare MongeringRepost
Author: harold