Board opposes firing of pot-smoking officer

This is conflicting for me. I think it is always wise for those that enforce the law to obey the law. However I do not think there should be laws that make his behavior illegal. On the same thought if his smoking pot interferers with his performance, he should be disciplined. Not because he smoked pot but because his job performance is not as required.

Author: harold

A little explaing

If you have noticed I refer to F.H. Ard’s youngest adult child as Little Mary. This is not out of disrespect but as a matter of distinguishing one from another. During the early part of the twentieth century there was are large number of women named Mary in Hammondsville. I do not know all but just in the F.H. Ard Family there were two after 1921. One Mary Ard later to be Cruse and Mary Douglas Highbaugh Ard J. W.’s wife. It got confusing about whom you were referring so It became Little Mary or later sometimes Mary Cruse. Newly married married Mary Became Mary Douglas or Mary Jim either was good. After Arthur left The Cabin with his family. Leighlan Skaggs moved in. Of course his wife was Mary. I never knew her by anything but Mary Leighlan. They lived there until Little Mary moved In 1935-36. Now off to church and Gooud Tally’s wife was Mary. Of curse her name Mary Gooud. Seems simple now.

I have put another pix and edited the ones that I have info on. Please get back with any errors. You know I have been told by professionals that if I had a half a brain, I would be a half wit.

Author: harold