Judicial system

Some time in the past I was watching C-SPAN. Some kind of forum about drug use and abuse in the judiciary was being discussed. My attention was caught when a judge from Maryland spoke. He had been hearing and deciding cases related to drug related issues. I will try as best I can how this judge, a very smart and articulate man, related this story on cable TV. He said. “I met a young man that had been in my court some years earlier”. He continued, “I was very soft on the lad because of sympathy.” Then he related what the young man said, ” You know if you had given me a harder sentence I would have gotten off the drugs quicker.” The judge appeared to believe what the lad had said was accurate.

I fell out of my chair and turned the TV off. I would like to say this is a case where two fools met. I really think it is too complicated for that statement. What are these two men going to do when they met again under the same circumstances. My first thought why should judge be involve in the treatment of drug addiction. It is something like a miner being asked to be a college professor. Maybe a dairy farmer being a OBGYN. It might work but I doubt it. Now ask yourself why would a brilliant man accept the responsibility for the last years of young man’s drug addiction? Why would he think the young man was telling the truth or if he was how would he know he could have quit quicker?

We must get our drug treatment out of the Judicial system. They are not trained in that manner. I want to say , “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they do.” Luke 23:34
Author: harold