Electronic Voting Flawed

There is a serious threat to our democratic process, and that is the new electronic voting machines that are either in use already, or in the process of being installed for the upcoming elections. The problem with these electronic voting machines is that they are seriously flawed. Take look at this story over on Slashdot. Basically, it is basically possible for someone to change the vote counts in one of these machines because of a software bug. Makes me feel real good about the validity of these machines. You might want to follow the links in the story, as they have a lot more background info.

More below………In a related story, here and here, it appears that the State of Missouri will be allowing the soldiers to vote through electronic means if they are overseas. The only problem is that the votes will be transmitted insecurely, essentially allowing anyone who wanted to the ablility to determine who voted for who. So, it is theoritically possible for someone to be intimidated into voting for a particular candidate.

Anyway, take a look and decide for yourselves. As always.
Author: jonathan