Melancholy is too great too write today

I promised a story to the Family but have been too depressed to talk of such things

1. My first memory of family values were that of a night, my mother was staying with many friends staying with man whose wife was died and was laying in wait. This was was the practice of the day. Along about bedtime a hail storm came and fell upon on the tin ruff in the house we were living. The noise was so deafening my two sister came to the bed with my father and me. Two values must be noted my mother leaving her family to help her friends in time of need. My father’s fearlessness in the eye of a storm was so reassuring. 2. My uncle was dying of a horrifying cancer. I was nine years old. I had leaned he was enjoying smoking cigarettes but needed, because of the cancer, a plastic holder for the cigarettes. I found one in Munfordville and got my mother to buy it to give to my uncle. When it came time for me to pass it on. The cancer had partially covered his eyes and he had to strain to see. He wiped away the tears many times to see what I had given him. I will never forget this. I hope. The gift did not compare to the relationship.Here are a couple of short notes that I have prepared
Author: harold