Melancholy is great today

Melancholy may not be the right word. The word may be mood destabilization. Trying to stabilize my mood is quite a chore. The method has not been defined:

#1 I must know I am not stabilized

2. Check doctors for medicines to get stabilized

3. Trust your doctors or get another: Hard for someone with paranoia

4 Side effect to the drugs or no reaction

5 Side effects is better just grit teeth and go on.

6. Back for more adjustment.

7 Repeat #4

8. Now all the time I am dealing with disrupted appetite, unprovoked anger, self pity, low self esteem, wonderment of my relationship with others , while confusing me and others while trying to be humble and useful.

9. If #1 is not clued in I can go on for days, weeks or months unchecked. Very unsettled for many.Any ideas from any of you sane folks out thereWeirdharold own words
Author: harold