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The Social Security Act of 1935, By 1935, the Great Depression had been going on for six years. Millions were unemployed, and few jobs were available. As part of President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal, the federal government created jobs for the unemployed. However, the elderly could not work, and many were living in poverty. Frances Perkins, the first female presidential Cabinet member, was charged with developing an “old-age” insurance program. The result was the Social Security Act of 1935, designed to provide elderly retired workers with pensions. At first, Social Security deductions were considered “contributions,” not taxes. The program appeared to be self-funded because only those who contributed would receive credits toward retirement benefits. However, far too many people needed help, so the program was expanded to include the families and survivors of retired and disabled workers, the unemployed, and federal workers.The above text is from some where on the IRS or SS web site that seems to be self explanatory. The reason I put this statement up, is the fact that I am on disability from this program. I have heard many people say to me the money I was receiving was their money. I have never been insulted in all my life.

I will explain: 1957 I was 16 years of age living with my parents on a small tobacco farm in Kentucky. My father thought that some of the earning from the farm should be mine. I should pay federal, state & FICA taxes, although he could have claimed all the income for as his and most likely his Social Security benefits may have been higher. From 1969 to 1989 I paid FICA on the full amount of income allowed. During that time I paid about $22,000 In FICA taxes and about $95,000 in Federal Income taxes.

Now, 1960 it has been determine that I was affected by a brain disease that took on two forms. One alcoholism, the other manic depressive disorder. I sought all types of aid in the medical professional while drinking to a point that even I knew it was not normal. 1975 I stopped drinking & with the help of others and got my alcoholism under control. I continued to work at a very hard pace and had good earning as stated above. I entered some higher stress jobs and found myself being hospitalize in October 1982, 1983, 1985 for my manic depressive illness. However it was not until May of 1986 the a Dr. diagnosed me as Bipolar II. and started treatment that gave me much relief from this illness i have had for 26 years.

Although the relief from the Manic Depressive disorder did not translate into a better employee in the workplace. I later found myself losing 5 jobs over the next 7.5 years. Trying to get children through school, finding employment moving many times going abroad. I found myself bankrupt, this after spending, all 401K, IRAs, home equity, cash in insurance over extending credit card credit. I moved my wife, 12 & 15 year old sons to Tupelo Mississippi with our household furniture and a four year old van with 4 payment reclaimed from bankruptcy. My wife and I worked the next seven month at a company the I was fired for my performance or the lake thereof. I soon found out that no one was going to employ me at the salary I was excepting. I applied for Social Security Disability Benefits early 1994 and was informed in May that I was a considered unable to work in a competitive workplace.

I still remember the depression that fell upon me as I read those words. A wife, 2 sons, 12 and 15 years old living on less that one half what I had been receiving the past few years. I was determined go forward. I assumed as many of the household chores as I could so my wife could work outside the home and be necessary to come and add to her work day. I looked for scholarship and grants for my 15 year old to go to college.

My anger is now directed to those who say my disability is their money. I was forced to pay for an insurance. I stepped up to the plate early in life and continued working far beyond what I call fair. Now my benefits are someone else’s money. Bullshit
Author: harold