Jesus Christ

1. Conceived out of wedlock.
2. Born in a stable with unsanitary conditions created by sheep, goats, poultry and asses.
3. His parents had to flee the country because a ruler sought to kill him.
4. Lived in one of the poorest cities on Earth.
5. Started his ministry at 30 after he had provided for his brothers until they could provide for themselves.
6. Never had more than one change of clothes.
7. Surrounded by men & women had who deviated from Jewish law.
8. Never wrote one word of literature.
9. Never traveled more than 200 miles from home.
10. Never had funds for shelter, food & other items for traveling.
11. His finest hour, he rode a young ass down a street filled with date palms.
12. Falsely accused of a corruption.
13. Forsaken by his followers at his greatest hour of need.
14. Died at the hands of others by the most horrendous method man can inflict upon man.
15. Died between two thives.

Jesus Christ ministered to those people that had deviated far from the prescribed Jewish life. They had no problem with the message “Pick up your cross and follow me.” This avoided the intolerance of Jewish Law. It created love & tolerance for all. Service to our fellow man with humility is the basis for living. His message did not proclaim social change, but it created a climate for those living upon self-will to find a life free of fear.

About 1.3 billion people call Jesus Christ God. This begtes one of the Great Paradoxes in theology. A person 100% man and at the same time 100% God. Many of the 1.3 billion people depend desperately upon other persons to describe and define this paradox. About 30 minutes or so after Jesus Christ drew his last breath, his followers got together and said we must put someone in charge. This tradition has never stopped. The irony of this practice is a man flying the globe in a Boeing 747 is taking care of a religion based upon the teaching of a man that in his finest hour rode a young ass down a street filled with date palms. Most of the 800 MM that proclaim this individual as their spiritual leader have not given thought to the care intrusted in him, but only of his earthly powers.

Most people that have been given this illusory power use it as wisely as human frailty allows. When driven by followers that seek worldly power and self-will is interpreted as God’s will, then hell on earth begins and anything the human mind can imagine comes from God. In my lifetime we have had James Jones, David Koresh, The Move Group and Charles Manson. In the past, we have John Brown, Tomas de Torquemada, and Pope Gregory IX. This list can go for many pages, but common sense says to stop.

Today we have among us the political activist groups that wish to bring forth social change in the name of Jesus Christ. A power-driven group looking for some way to rub raw the sores of public descent. This is obscene and sacrilegious. To put Jesus Christ’s name upon something so servile as a political format is crude and vulgar. Christ said, “My Kingdom is not of this World,” but by damn we are going to make it that way if we have to redo every law in the USA. When we interject Spiritual Principles into political process, we confuse the tenets of these Principles. The power-driven pounce upon this confusion to pronounce their acts to correct social disorder as coming from The Highest Source, when in fact they lay groundwork for discord. The Spiritual Principles provide foundations for Peace.

These people are very sparing with the truth. It would be nice if the press and their followers would hold these folks to the truth. One of those is, and I quote, “Today one-half of all marriages will end in divorce.” This is an old oral trick that uses two sets of statistics to arrive at an unrelated conclusion. The facts from statistics are each year we have about 48 divorces and about 102 marriages per 10,000. What these folks forget to tell you is Elizabeth Taylor, Mickey Rooney, and et al mops up most of the divorces, while 80% of us die without going to the divorce court.

Today, on one of the radio talks shows the guest stated, “our productivity was down 80% since prayer was outlawed.” This is the most outrageous statement that has ever come down the pike. Prayer has never been outlawed in the USA. The statement “prayer has been outlawed” is not a religious or spiritual thought, it is a political statement. The loss of productivity is the most baffling statement since Dewey was announced as the winner of the 1948 presidential election. Sounds like talk without thought.

Some days ago, I was watching Posner/Donahue. They had the Condom Cops out in force. One man claimed to represent the Catholic Family Group. This man was spewing out all the virtues of family living and how the distribution of condoms would destroy this lifestyle. The two ironic facts about this are the Catholic Church requires their priests to remain single and take vows of celibacy. From information I have heard, 50% of these priests in the USA are breaking those vows, 10% are homosexual, and many are pedophiles. Seems like this group has good control of the family situation. Secondly, how in the world can a person that is trying to follow the teachings of a man born in a stable get nervous about a condom and its use or misuse?

I have lived in this country for more than 1/2 century, another country for 10 months. I love my country because it withstands the onslaughts of a Civil War, Watergate, Iran-Contra, and other scandals. Crooks, reprobates and other despots are elected to serve this great country are held in check by the principles I hold so dearly. The people I have been talking about would destroy these principles. Nothing would be held in check to govern us. The faith we all hold so dearly would be dished out on a platter by some David Koresh or James Jones that we propelled into power.

I would much rather be governed by an undeclared crook held in check by our Constitution than by a man proclaiming to be the right hand of God without those checks. Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Written in mid 1990s by weirdharold
Author: harold