Aunt Mary

As a result of one of my occupations and my mother’s effort for me to take on some of her attributes. I feel as if I have been able to give some comfort to those that grieve. The act requires no skill only compassion. On March 17, 1984 at Dixon-Rogers Funeral Home in Magnolia my father had died the day before and I had arrived in Magnolia a few hours earlier. I was sitting on a couch near the casket when Aunt Mary came and sit beside me. My father lying in the casket was my last parent to die and he was Aunt Mary’s last sibling . She appeared to be as sad as I. We comforted each other. One thing she told me I will never forget. When her mother died, Aunt Mary was 6 years and 6 months old. She said no one would talk to her, leaving her very puzzled and confused. Her thought reenforced my thought that we all need comfort when dealing with grief. Aunt Mary took this adverse action to a high level and was one that surely gave comfort to all at a time of grief.

When we read the Bible we see many, many times Jesus healed this one that one & etc. If we change that word to give comfort then we can follow the word of God an receive the rewards of that effort.

I have travel to many parts of this world and I have never seen anybody put more effort in this task better than the folks around Magnolia and Hommandsville.This is also a tribute to the folks around Magnolia & Hommandsville

Aunt Mary is the smallest child in the pix
Author: harold

C-Span Washington Journal 12-30-04

This AM Washington Journal had a representative from Madd on this C-span program. These people have their heart in the right place but their dual purpose goal is disruptive to our society and not achievable. Their Dual Purpose: Stop Drinking and Driving.

I am a member of DAMM (Drunks Against Madd Mothers) I am not the only member but I think I am the only publicly declared member.

I purpose we start trying to stop irresponsible driving whatever it may be, at the roadside, not in a medical lab, nor a court room. We are for sure too focused on drugs and alcohol to deal with this issue in a sane manner.

Drunks and skunks are easy to hate. I do not think we can deals with skunks by getting into a pissing contest, nor do I think we can deal with drunks with dishonest relationships.
Author: harold

Hot e-mails


Is it just me, or does anyone else find it amazing that our government can
track a cow born in Canada almost three years ago, right to the stall where
she sleeps in the state of Nebraska, and they can track her calves to their
stalls all across the country, but they are unable to locate 11 million
illegal aliens wandering around our country?
Maybe we should give them all a cow.


They keep talking about drafting a Constitution for Iraq. Why don’t we just
give them ours? It was written by a lot of really smart guys, it’s worked
for over 200 years, and we’re not using it anymore.


The real reason that we can’t have the Ten Commandments in a Courthouse: You
cannot post “Thou Shalt Not Steal,” and “Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery” in
a building full of lawyers, judges and politicians. It creates a hostile
work environment.

Weirdharold’s thoughts

This e-mail has come by my mailbox twice. Let me make a little statement. I have no idea how finding cows and aliens have to do with our constitution, But I know very well why aliens are not being found. They are mowing the yards, pickings the greens, cleaning the homes, polishing the canes & etc. of the richest people in the USA. Nobody, especially Dubya friends want this to stop. Those people called terrorist we would like to find. How do you find one and ignore the other? Ask Duyda? I can accept those three in the court house in some form but not the religious Ten

Author: harold

My Maternal Grandfather

Upon my arrival back to my parents home in Kentucky after my treatment for alcoholism, my mother confided in me a story I had never heard before. My mother liked to tell stories about her father and she always wished that I had the opportunity to see and chat with him. But having chatted with his 3 sons I think I have succeeded in my mother’s wishes.

However back to the story, my grandfather and grandmother had 6 children first 3 girls, then 3 boys. My mother was the youngest girl, born 1897, next brother was born 1903. Sometime between her birth and her brother my grandfather had some type of kidney ailment that the old country doctor thought would take his life if swift action was not taken. Irrigating his kidneys was very risky out in the country where medical attention was far away. My mother described the procedure as this: Started the irrigation with some form of sulfur drug, then the drug laudanum was given to deal with the pain. ( remember no penicillin at that time)

The procedure worked very well and as I stated before my grandparents had three more children. Now my Grandfather continued to take the laudanum and the local doctor was happy to give him a prescription . Then in 1914 the drugs laws came down the pike with Billy Sunday and Carrie B. Nation. The best old doc that Hammondsville ever had told my grandfather he could no longer give him a prescription for the drug. One prescription was given and Doug (my grandfather) took no more laudanum.

This story gives me some insight to drug use and abuse. I would have become addicted to this opium product I am sure. I probably would have ended up using alcohol as I did. My grandfather had no problem using it as his doctor advised. There were no ill effects from this drug to his emotional, mental or physical health as Nancy Reagan would like for you to believe.

Click here for added information on whether we should take another look at drugs used for pain

I think we are trying to control who makes the money from drugs sales. This matters should be between the individual and his health provider
Author: harold

Weirdharold’s Neighborhood

Click here to view my neighborhood

This building has a history worth noting. In the early 50s this building and its business was owned by Dale Walton. He was the head (whatever of Mississippi) KKK. When Mississippi started a state sales tax, a black man came into this business and bought a dollar item. He questioned the 3¢ charge and was shot and killed by Mr. Walton. Of course Mr. Walton has no record of violent history in his police file.

This building was purchased in the late sixties by an other individual that rented it to several garden variety rednecks. recently it was sold again, it looks as if they are trying to bring a little less volatile history to the area. This building is across the creek from our home, about 500 feet away.
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Birth of a message

Today we celebrate the birth of a Message

This Message begins when a young girl finds herself pregnant

The father of the child to come is not the man she has promised to marry

These people live in a country that trying to populate a pure race of people and they are very intolerant of this behavior

Both decide this is the will of God and go forth with their lives.

This is the birth of a Message of humility but only the begining.

Author: harold

Martha’s Holiday hints!

Martha’s Hint for the holidays — Stripes edition

Dear Friends,

Let me know your sizes. Christmas is tight this year. I’ve learned to make bedroom slippers out of maxi pads (see pic below): You need four maxis to make a pair. Two of them get laid out flat, for the foot part.

The other two wrap around the toe area to form the top. Tape or glue each side of the top pieces to the bottom of the foot part. Decorate the tops with whatever you desire, silk flowers, etc.

These slippers are soft and Hygienic; Non-slip grip strips on the soles; Built in deodorant feature keeps feet smelling fresh; No more bending over to mop up spills; Disposable and biodegradable; Environmentally safe; Three convenient sizes: Regular, Light day, and Get out the Sand Bags.

Happiest of holidays……..


Author: RamblinRon

Christmas with RamblinRon

Yes, boys and girls, it’s the time of year when RamblinRon gets sentimental. So, let’s crank up the truck, grab a chaw of tobacco and a six-pack of beverage! Head down the gravel road for a White Trash Christmas courtesy of Bob Rivers. Say hello to Garth and Willie. And watch out for Humpy the dog — he gets a little excited at the holidays.

click here

And remember, like some of the relatives, this make take a little while to get loaded!
Author: RamblinRon

Psychoactive Drugs

Where is the research and evidence that laws attempting to keep psychoactive drugs from the populace can slow or stop addiction?

Where is the research that shows we can actually keep psychoactive drugs from the populace?

If it concerns us that young adults dirve auto and use psychoactive drugs, would it not be easier to keep the autos away from them rather than our goverement abuse every right we have to keep psychoactive drugs from all of us.

May the same be said for guns?

Is there evidence the you can educate a young adults not to become an addict?

Weirdharold has substantial experience that leads him to believe that all the attention on this drug war creates divisions between the non users, users and abusers of psychoactive drugs. This division begins a dishonest relationship between the populace and the addict. Poplar thought is if we punish this addict he will stop his psychoactive drugs use, and all will be happy. Rightfully we are no less than expanding this dishonest relationship. Promoting over bearing pride in these education programs, is the germinating factor in the divisions made when we tell youngsters if they will not be addict if they do not use psychoactive drugs.

Those with the brain disease I have will find relief with (short term)psychoactive drugs, those that never need relief may use psychoactive drugs but will find that they are more hurtful than helpful and stop. Then we have the self righteous that demand no one need use these psychoactive drugs and insist we have these laws.

Those trying to relive emotional, physical, or mental pain with psychoactive drugs is a matter for the individual and their health provider not the Justice System. Rush Limbaugh is a big fat stupid idiot as Al Frankin states but he should not have his medical records subpoenaed and call this American justice. A note from Werirdharold On Christmas
Author: harold

Support Our Troops


Impeach Bush

Send a shot to the ear of every legislator that voted to allow him to act on this arrogant decision.

Tell the complicit news media to inform the American public the facts about what we are doing in Iraq

Then allow the informed Americans say how to handle Iraq

Weirdharold has spoken
After he sayth he sayth not
Author: harold