An uphill battle

I read with much interest your article in The Daily Journal 01-16-05 about the manufacture, sale and use ofmethamphetamine. Your research and interviews with the politicians involved in this venture was commendable. However I have been following the drug war for 20 years and we are saying the same things today we said then. While we have lock up millions, invaded others countries, taken away civil liberties only to find were are no more in control than we were twenty years ago.

Many say the one thing we learn from history is we do not learn. In the 1890s beer was the problem, 1800s & 1900s opiates and marijuana were the problem, 1960s LSD was the issue. 1970s & 1980s cocaine had our attention. The beer (alcohol) issue was addressed with the 18th Amendment to the constitution, and then it was revisited again in the 21st Amendment by tackling the issue as the people really saw it. The problem for most folks was not they did not wish people to drink alcohol; they did not want saloons in their neighborhoods. So compromises were made, alcohol is strictly regulated at its manufacturing. The people choose if they want the sale to take place in areas as small as precincts, and minors could not purchase and many other laws.

I am in no way saying this drug you describe is not dangerous. However it would be off the market in a short order if psychoactive drugs were treated as alcohol laws were conceived in the 1930s.
My position is simple on this issue I do care who uses drugs, who buys drugs, or who sell drugs. But for sure do not do it in my neighborhood. All should obey the law.

Our goals and objectives are not in the proper perspective. We are digging a hole with no resolve.

Author: harold

Thought for Today

It is my belief all religions have some thought that is worth considering in developing my relationship with God. One that I have heard from my Catholic friends:

God is the maker of all things seen and unseen

I hope I never become so arrogant that I believe I know how He does it.The tense of the last “to be” verb is intentional
Author: harold