More Drug War History

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Dear Editor
The American public’s feeding frenzy on the political garbage of “The Drug War “ can only be equaled in folly by the Babylonian Empire’s attempt to build a tower to Heaven or only surpassed by the Jewish council of 2000 years ago that convinced the Roman governors of Judah to crucify a carpenter from Nazareth because he turned over a few tables in the temple. These governmental acts were very popular.

The politician’s cry that the drugs are the “scourge of the nation” is applauded by almost all, but how far is this rhetoric from the country minister who preaches from a half full church about the evils of non-attendance on Sunday.

Drug addicted people anger, scare, frustrate and totally confuse us. We often think if we could only stop that person or this person from using one or many drugs, everything would be o.k. Politicians, journalists, media and sometimes ministers take advantage of these basic human emotions to create cheerleaders for their own agenda.

Today Noriega is in the hands of the DEA to be brought to trial. The cost is more than a score of our finest young men dead, several hundred men wounded, 25,000 Panamanians homeless and several hundred dead. This is only the loss of life and suffering. My question is how many of you out there in fantasyland believe that one drug addicted person changed his/her habits as a result of this very costly exercise in political haymaking.

So goes the “War on Drugs”.

I find the following to be appropriate and true.

The only person more insane than the drug addict that continues to use drugs is the person trying to make him/her stop.
Author: harold