Graham offers sobering assessment on Iraq

Hold on Senator

From text of article: “Saddam Hussein literally raped his country,” the Republican lawmaker said.

You do remember Shock & Awe where you voted to send in 135,000 us troops into Iraq. Bomb the whole country of Iraq, killing at least 100, 000 Iraqis. Now you say, “Saddam Hussein literally raped his country.” Let us share the responsibility with the pillage in Iraq.

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Aunt Clemmie

Aunt Clemmie was very dear to us Cruse kids almost like the grandmother we did not have. I always felt sorry that she did not have a family of her own, as I believed she would have liked to have. She loved all her nephews and nieces, but I guess we were closer to her because we lived in the house together.
Aunt Clemmie was Baby setting my son Don while the rest of the family went to Munfordville to shop & that day she had a stroke and never recovered. Don was only 4years old or younger but he got her to the bed and was setting there by her when we got home.
She was a very quiet natured person soft-spoken lady. She was the first close family member to die in my family and it was difficult for me.
I guess Uncle Arthur spoke when necessary.
I didn’t know uncle Barnett very well.
I guess I got to know your dad better after your mother died. He would visit mother and celebrated the September / Oct. birthdays with us all at times.
Hope your memories are good today, Vivian

Harold adds: It was the humble manner of all that is the most important. I have not been able to develop that in my spiritual lifeSome of Vivan thoughts I was not aware of the baby sitting.
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Oktibbeha County to lend office space to anti-drug agency

Follow this closly

Read the story first, then Weirdharold says:

The federal, state and local governments are giving grants to stop citizens from making, transporting, selling, and using drugs. Also the federal, state, and local governments are giving citizens funds to buy and use these drugs.

Listen to our elected representative:

“I would hate to think of what kind of a drug problem we’d have without them here,” said board president David Oswalt.

Would it not be great if we just had enough faith to try!

I just wish the narco police would trade their guns in for a penis and let the druggies decide if they wish to get better or die. Whatever!

– Isaiah 10:1-2
1 “Woe to those who decree unrighteous decrees,
Who write misfortune,
Which they have prescribed
2To rob the needy of justice,
And to take what is right from the poor of My people,
That widows may be their prey,
And that they may rob the fatherless.

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Alcohol and the Automobile

Keep Teenagers Safe: Zero Tolerance On Alcohol May Increase Drinking And Driving

Let me say something about this issue. I will make it short. Alcohol has been around 6,000 years. The automobile has been here for a little more than 100. Let’s ask ourselves which will go away first?

One thing that blows my mind is parents that give children free access to automobile when they get state permission to drive.

Of course alcohol is the problem not the automobile. A 4,000 pound object traveling a 60 miles is just about as safe a thing as can be made. I love the way we think. I do believe it is a little easier to keep an automomile out of the hands of a 16 year old than it is a fith of Jack or Jim. Think about it.
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