Terri Schiavo

When private issue cannot be handled with spiritual principles we get the worst of mankind stuck in our face. A man and his wife came upon a tragedy. They were forced in separation by an illness that many have faced and recovered by spiritual means. For reasons I do not understand a million dollars was thrown into the pot leaving no means for meeting of the souls.

The offended parties took their grievances to the public court. One of the parties not liking the action of the court, had it was reviewed a multitude of times. All made the same conclusion.

The offend one then went to the politicians for relief. These people were eager to help. The politicians enlist the medias whores for help. We have just witnessed the longest drawn out private matter that has brought out political skunks and the media that loves to exploit these poor people.

Dignity in death is gone in the USA today.

Author: harold

Tupelo Story with LaRue County Twist

Sheriff Johnson said he does not agree with what is being proposed.

“I do not support this thing at all,” said Johnson, agreeing with Crane. “They’re talking about cost, it’s going to cost us money to have to deal with these people again when they get out and create another crime.” Johnson said about 90 percent of the people who commit these nonviolent crimes are repeat offenders.

“Our burglary rate is up and most of the people we arrest for burglaries are people that we’ve sent away before. This is the wrong message to send to these people. Being locked up is a deterrent and if we let them out early, what’s the punishment. This is very aggravating to me.”

When I look at what Sheriff Johnson said in the past three paragraphs. I remember what I was told many years ago by a district Judge in KY as I was being sworn in for a grand Jury in LaRue County, KY. He said, “Severity of punishment is not a determent to crime, surety of punishment is a determent to crime.

Our burglary rate may be up but burglars are not filling our prisons. It is not Bernie Ebbers, Ken Lay or many of the bagmen gone astray. Drug users selling drug to maintain a habit fill up prisons. The answer to this dilemma is to inform the offended party the inmate is leaving prison and if they wish to tell the parole board it is not right let them out, then come forward and face the offender. It is done all the time. We have far to many people in prison that have not offended anybody but himself or herself. Our justice system trying to save these people from themselves has our justice system at bay.
Author: harold