1995 Poll

I plucked this 1995 poll off the Fight the Death Penalty web site scroll down

I put on my site to show how clearly it shows what we are up against fighting the drug war. This poll, if correct, shows how dumb the folks are that are trying to enforce the law. Trying to stop drug addicts/alcoholic from using drug and is like potty training a six month old child. Why in the world would we want to make it illegal.

It is like making it illegal for 13-16 year old boys to masturbate. You are going to have a lot of illegal activity going on and you sure going to have a lot of invasive police activity to enforce the law. Weirdharold intends this to be offensive to get attention this subject needs.

1995 poll
Author: harold

Death Penalty Turnaround

Good news

I am a three issue progressive liberal

# 1 As all on this site know, I support radical drug law reform.
#2. I oppose forcing children to pray in public schools. I am full support of the Supreme Court Decision Engle v. Vitale decision in 1962
#3 I am oppose to the death penalty

My opinion was formed about the death penalty at an early age. I read in the Courier Journal (Louisville, KY) a very detailed account of the execution of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg. I must say I thought the act was hideous and I think the writer intended it that way. I was 12 years of age at that time. Many have told me I would change my mind. I have not. I believe we would have less less violent crime if it was eliminated. The Big Big Book say violence begets violence. If the State does it, it must be okay.
Author: harold