Let’s make a law

Faith, Not Religion nor Politics

When an individual acts outside our notion of basic moral behavior. We insist that a law be made to correct this carnage. We of little faith think we must put in the hands of men to correct all form of spiritual illness. We place all forms of power in the hands in mere mortals. When these laws do not work our faith lessens and we demand harsher punishment.

2000 years ago a man came to address this issue, while He never confronted the man made laws with a frontal assault; he did in acts of faith and in action answer how our faith was more of the answer than man made laws. At His time on earth the old Mosaic Law was in place where He lived. When He was questioned about the law, a man can put away his wife for any reason. They referred to it as Mosaic Law. He referred to it as hardness of their heart made it so.

It is a lack of faith or hardness of our heart when we demand harsher laws to deal with drug/alcohol use. Capital punishment is another example of both.

Author: harold