FEMA, La. outsource Katrina body count to firm implicated in body-dumping scandals

This company has been in Weirdharold’s face before

From early 1984 to 1989 I worked in the funeral supply business in Eastern PA. The company was very small. I was the COO and my bonus was set up upon growing the company in sales and profit.

SCI was getting bigger and bigger as they bought more and more Funeral Homes. At the same time they were buying funeral supply companies.

By 1988 all I had to do make a sale was go into a Funeral Home that was independent of SCI and casually let them know I was not in anyway connected with SCI. The fiscal year July 1 1987 to June 30 1988 sales were increased by 30% and profits were increased over 100%. This is in a business that increases overall at a rate of 3.5% for that period of time.

I was given a bonus that created so much jealously on the board that I was fired. So much for doing a great job.

Author: harold