Brent Shapiro Foundation for Drug Awareness

I have a sad heart for anyone that loses a son or daughter to a deadly disease of alcoholism/drug addiction. I wish I had kept records of the wakes I have attended of those of us that died too early of this disease, not to mention the obituaries of those I knew only they had the disease. I did not know the families to console. I have been to wakes where the only one I knew was the one in the casket.

However I do not believe setting up a foundation to raise money to spread more disinformation about this disease can possibly be the answer to resolve grief. I hold my beliefs from many years of experience and the two following quotes:Mark 9:29
And he said unto them, This kind can come forth by nothing, but by prayer and fasting.

The quote was in red

The next from a very noted psychiatrist

Anyone who wants to know the human psyche will learn next to nothing from experimental psychology.  He would be better advised to abandon exact science, put away his scholar’s gown, bid farewell to his study, and wander with human heart throught the world.  There in the horrors of prisons, lunatic asylums and hospitals, in drab suburban pubs, in brothels and gambling-hells, in the salons of the elegant, the Stock Exchanges, socialist meetings, churches, revivalist gatherings and ecstatic sects, through love and hate, through the experience of passion in every form in his own body, he would reap richer stores of knowledge than text-books a foot thick could give him, and he will know how to doctor the sick with a real knowledge of the human soul. — Carl Jung

Author: harold