Update on Brent Shapiro

From the current version of the flyer:

‘Finally, the Brent Shapiro Foundation hopes to take away the stigma of this disease by creating honest discussions around the country, and educating people that this disease should be treated no differently than any other.’
(Likely Story)

Any chance of it really happening?
If it does, it’ll be the first time!
Seriously, as a recovering alcoholic, the parents may take you seriously! Point out that that is just what they’re doing-helping young people recover from a disease, not a character flaw, a behavioral disability, etc. I’ve added the flyer to my favorites list. No caching or downloading-I want to see how it comes about=-changes, etc. Maybe you could ask for suggestions for donations to the auction-or the fashion show?

OK, I’m up so late because of a problem with my lawyer-no, I have no criminal problems, but my lawyer, who handled my criminal case, has hardly spoken to me-and I face having my Medicaid restricted in a hearing set on Wednesday morning! Oh, well, keeps me thinking about things like this.

Back to the Shapiro’s: I think the are at this point, a grieving family. A foundation could have well been their idea, but I can still see the signs of exploitation. Now it’s a “half-tab” of ecstasy. And as for the small photo gallery, I can see two photos soon being discreetly removed. One includes a young man wearing distinctly effeminate attire-a gold lame (you get it; I have a seriously challenged keyboard).

The other shows either Brent or his brother holding a half-smoked cigarette. Though Shapiro’s not a name that is normally associated with Our State Religion, we don’t want to alienate them; and smoking is being banned in more and more places (NYC (Manhattan) is already down to five bars and/or restaurants that are allowed to permit it, either by proving that they make at least one third of their income selling tobacco products, or being ethnic “hookah” bars, in which the locals are allowed practice their middle Eastern custom of smoking tobacco from water pipes, called “Hookahs”. there are some Moroccan and Netherlands smoking substances that I’d like to see allowed, lol.

Hope You’re getting some ideas, yourself, with the Shapiro foundation. Let me Know if you’re still pursuing the idea. It’s an interesting one. Others have had to close in embarrassment, because the central character went back to his old ways. Look at real celebrities, like Lawrence Taylor (How many books did he write about kicking his habits-for good)? Danny Bonaduce (who gave up giving up, so it seems); Dana Plato is most like our Brent; she can’t return, because she’s dead. Hope I’m not getting too morbid for you; when I get like this, what I’m doing is thinking out all possibilities.

Too bad I don’t have enough college credits to get a job in a “think tank” where people throw around ideas until something viable emerges. Sort of like I’m doing now, only you need more people working together. But, right now, it’s a mere addition to watching taped soap operas, trying to avoid a nervous breakdown

So, have a good day. Let you know how things turn out, though an adjournment is probably the best I can hope for now.


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Author: harold