A Few Tools for the Manic Depressive

45 yrs. of a Manic Depression disorder has taught me a few things. I try to think of my feeling as being on a roller coster. It is going very fast but the high points and the low points are not instantaneous as real life roller coasters. The low points may last a long time and the same for the high point. Also when I am on a level playing field I get jerked sideways. I must consider that my feeling are more than three dimensional. Where ever my feeling are they are going to change. With these thoughts I have come to the following conclusions

I. I am Manic Depressive and always will be. I will not be cured

II. I must remove as much stress from my life as I can as not to aggravate my condition.

III. I will always need the assistance of a psychiatrist (I prefer to a Family Physician)

IV. I follow the psychiatrist directions even if I think he is full of bull or find another.

V. I do not medicate myself with psychoactive drugs

VI. Some tricks to feelings I do not like:

A. Worthlessness
1. Try to Help somebody in worse shape than I
a. Go to a nursing home
b. Salvation Army
c. Treatment center
d. Fellowship meetings

2. Try to do some visible activity
a. Wash dishes, mow yard & etc.
b. bolg if possible

B. Chronic Fatigue:
a. rest and don’t give a damn

C. Manic
1. Get with friends that will softly bruise my ego.

VII. I must always remember my feeling will change but my meds do not necessarily need to be changed.

I must admit I have been too sick many times to take any of these under consideration. I have been hospitalized 5 times that include 120 days. I have not been hospitalized since I started talking lithium. I have not worked in a completive work place since 6/94

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A Good Kentucky Metaphor

Over the past 20 years or so, I have heard many say we won the cold war because Ronnie (the grade B actor) and his necon buddies talked our congress into a military buildup that exceeded all the defense capacities of every country in the world combined. We won over a failed economic idea with a military buildup. Man, I am from Kentucky but that is still hard to understand.

This thought takes me back to a couple of friends from KY. One was Emmet McCoy the other was Charles Hatfield. Emmet never had a hair on his head and we called him Curly. Charles had hair on his head that went in every direction and of course, we called him Baldy. Both of these good old boys were fine people but for some reason they could not get along. Somebody told me the dispute was over a pig that would not stay home. I really do not know. As time pasted Baldy’s wife had a miscarriage after which nothing was said by Curly or Baldy about the other, so apparently the feud was over. Years later I was talking to Curly in the tobacco patch and the subject came up. I said, “You and Baldy have buried the hatchet.” He replied,” Yea my talleywhacker is bigger than his, this caused his wife to have a miscarriage. After that we didn’t fight anymore.” I took all this under consideration and thought silence would not be appropriate.
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e-mail to andrew

Andrew: Your statement on Hardball about the movie, Good Night and Good Luck. It was poor history because there were communists in our government. I guess your are going to tell me if history was correct there really were some witches in Salem.

Maybe I did not hear you correctly. I have hearing impairment.

Harold W. Ard

My frather’s thoughts and also mine on communists can be found in the first three paragraphs of this postAndrew Sullivan has one of the most read blog on the net ArchivePosted on Leave a comment on e-mail to andrew

Religious Right Groups

I know of at least five of my politically correct friends have told me they are going to say Merry Christmas if it is politically incorrect. I, being a very progressive liberal, was wondering from where this idea was coming. Now I see Karl Rowe has not retired and he is using all the outlets he has left to accuse his political opponents of disrupting his Holy Day. Well this is my Holy Day also.

I recite Luke CH. 2:13 & 14: 13 And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host praising God, and saying,

 14 Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.

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