The Book of Daniel

I am the son of a tobacco farmer. We always had a milk cow or two around for table purposes. Sometimes we had long winters and before the grass came out in the spring all we had left to feed these cows was bull nettles and tickle weeds. The animals were very reluctant to eats this very poor feed. My dad told me to spread out the hay and then run them off a couples of times and they would come back and eat the hay. It usually worked. It did not work hereThe Book of Daniel was the poorest made for TV series that I have ever seen. I watched all three and I watched just because the right leaning whackos told me not to. These folks failed their mission. NBC could not get anybody to watch this crap. I wonder who paid who?

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As you read remember this in Kentucky

The late spring and early summer of 1959 and 1960 I was a Farm Reporter (parochial “Measuring Tobacco”) for the USDA in Hart County, KY office. I arrived one morning at Charlie Lobb’s home to measure his tobacco patch. Charlie was in his usual attire, bib overalls washed many times. Charlie had a smile on his face because he was happy to see me. His mother and my mother were cousins. The families had been close since childhood. I, being the son of his close family member made me a close family member. Charlie’s mother had another cousin that was very close to her, her husband. Yes, Charlie’s mother and father were first cousins. Charlie lived with his sister, Annie, from birth to near death. They were separated by their inability to care for themselves and each other. Thank God they did not have any children. Although I have seen such in my old neighborhood. Charlie was very dear to me and so was Annie. Annie had a mental impairment similar to mine. Her disease was never treated properly. I am sure she suffered much.

On this morning I told Charlie the reason I was there. He told me to get my gear We had to walk a little bit to get to his patch. As I walked along a very narrow road, I began to have very severe pains to have my bowels relieved. I told Charlie about this and he said, ” Ah don’t worry about it Emmett has an outhouse right next to the tobacco patch. There is no fence between us.” He continued, “I use it all the time. Emmettt could not care less.”
I rushed up to the outhouse and opened the door and there sat Emmett. I said, “Excuse me”. Emmett said, ” Come on in, this is a two holer.” Emmett was looking at a Sears & Roebuck catalog. I say looking at not reading. Emmett could not read his name in neon lights. As I sat down Emmett started getting up and hitching his bib overalls. As he was doing this a nickel or quarter fell into the hole. He continued without interruption. As I remember I am amazed at his pair of bib overalls. In a ladies style shop In New york or Las Angles today it would have sold for $300-$400. The indigo was almost gone from the washing. On each leg was two carefully hand stitched patches. One on the knees and one on the thighs. As Emmett turn there were also one patch on each buttocks. Also there were a few spots where the horizontal threads were there but no vertical threads. Emmett’s mother had not got to these yet, perfect for today’s women of style.

As Emmett finished hooking his last galsis, he reached into his bib pocket and pulled out his billfold and removed twenty dollar bill. He threw the twenty into the hole he was just sitting on. I said, “Emmett what in the world are you doing”. Emmett replied, ” You don’t think I am going to go down in there for a quarter do you?”

Note: The people were real, the story is not

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Hospitals Say Meth Cases Are Rising, and Hurt Care

Rimchamp’s take on this article

Gee whiz. We didn’t have this kind of problem in the 80s before the people in the DEA – who will never show up to debate drug policy with yours truly, who favors total legalization – decided to give the franchise for distribution to criminals. Some day, someone will decide to sue their sorry tails because of a tragedy. You can’t blame this one on legisliars; the Drug Czar did that one on his own. It was Bill Bennett or his successor. Of course the legisliars [no debaters there either]gave the Drug Czar the authority without limits to mess up peoples’ lives. The meth problem was about as troublesome as the problems with Viagra, Vioxx or Valium. People were messing up their lives, but there weren’t as many, the criminals weren’t getting bankrolled, people’s property wasn’t stolen, our health care system wasn’t overloaded, there weren’t major safety hazards in the community where it was produced, and taxpayers weren’t shelling out all sorts of money for more jails. The only pe
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Balloons In a Box

I have been treated for mental illness by 19 psychiatrists. The first told me sort of a metaphor. He said, “When we felt hurt or aggrieved it was like a balloon that we put into a box. We continue to put balloons into the box then one day the box opened and all the balloons come out, the ones on top and some on the bottom.”

The story here is very benign and most will say what is going on with this crazy dude. This action taken by my mother, father, and sisters to keep information from me that I think should have been given, created a balloon that has bounced from my subconscious many times. This balloon has never been burst. The episode is recreated time and time again via the brain’s reaction to present stimuli. This a very complicated brain reaction. Very little is known as to how to govern.
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Alito Hearings

Alito made a political remark when being questioned by Senator Kennedy about the search of the 10 year old girl. As best I can quote, “Drug dealers could hide their drugs on children.”

This means he has made up his mind on drug laws. Like legislative authority to make laws that violate the 4th amendment & etc.
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Not For the Sane

I joined a Bipolar meeting that meets for about 2 hours each week. We try to access our condition via 1 to 10 scale. Like one (1) being lower than whale crap and ten (10) being flying so high we will soon crash land, with five ( 5) being the desire level. We all take mood stabilizers hoping to keep us in the 3.5 to 6.5 range. Outside that range we suggest the person seek counseling or check with the med doc. Because I like being in the 7 or 8 range does not mean my mental health is where it should be. I consider my mental health to be like an automobile that needs checking very often by someone independent of my crazy brain.

The other bipolar people see me from a prospective of their own suffering. They see my speech, my body action, my attitude. Their loving kindness can guide me to get the help I need. Then I do not depend on a diseased brain to guide me through periods of near insanity.
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