Hospitals Say Meth Cases Are Rising, and Hurt Care

Rimchamp’s take on this article

Gee whiz. We didn’t have this kind of problem in the 80s before the people in the DEA – who will never show up to debate drug policy with yours truly, who favors total legalization – decided to give the franchise for distribution to criminals. Some day, someone will decide to sue their sorry tails because of a tragedy. You can’t blame this one on legisliars; the Drug Czar did that one on his own. It was Bill Bennett or his successor. Of course the legisliars [no debaters there either]gave the Drug Czar the authority without limits to mess up peoples’ lives. The meth problem was about as troublesome as the problems with Viagra, Vioxx or Valium. People were messing up their lives, but there weren’t as many, the criminals weren’t getting bankrolled, people’s property wasn’t stolen, our health care system wasn’t overloaded, there weren’t major safety hazards in the community where it was produced, and taxpayers weren’t shelling out all sorts of money for more jails. The only pe
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