The private, nonprofit prison

No more private prisons profit or non profit. This silly study is needed only because of our corrupt drugs laws. The only way to stop all this will be found here, and then here

The vast expansion of prison population is simply created by trying to hold drug addicts responsible for their addiction. As with all other criminal cases they should be held accountable for their actions, only.

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Central KY 02/11/2006

Look here and move camera slightly to the right. Please note you will be looking at the birthplace of Abraham Lincoln ( another Republican I claim no blood relationship). Born 196 years and 364 days earlier. Wonder what it looked like that day.

This is one quarter mile from where I was stopped by two City of Hodgenville Police in 1968 when I was more than a little drunk. One of the police was indicted for shooting at our local chiropractor later that year. Guess what, I was on the grand jury that indicted him.
Author: harold

Weirdharold’s Thoughts on the War on Drugs in the 90s

Drug Policy Discussion


Q #1. Which narcotic and psychopathic drugs would be legalized?
A #1. No drug would be put on the market until all the tests that are giving drugs today are completed and evalutated. Labels would be prepared to inform the user what to expect, and sellers would be liable for the validity to the truthfulness of the label.

Q #2. Would we allow all drugs to become legally sold and used, or would we select the most abused, such as cocaine, heroin, and marijuana?
A #2. See Q #1.

Q #3. Who would adminster the doses: the state of the indivudual?
A #3. Who currently adminsters the (illegal) drug doses?

Q #4. What quanitity of drugs would each individual be allowed to get?
A #4. The buyer’s finances would determine how much he or she purchases.

Q #5. What about addicts? Would we not have to give them more in order to satisfy their cravings, or would we just give them enough to just whet their appetites?
A #5. There is no need for the state to determine if a person is an addict or not.

Q #6. What would we do about those who are experimenting? Do we sell them the drugs too and encourage them to pick up the habit?
A #6. Continue to do as we do today (although there are better methods).
Q #7. Will the government establish tax-supported facilities to sell these drugs?
A #7. The drugs should be taxed.

Q #8. Would we get the supply from the same foreign countries that support our habits now? Or would we create our own internal sources–“dope factories”–paying people the minimum wage to churn out mounds of cocaine and bales of marijuana?
A #8. We have the capacity in this country to fill the market void internally.

Q #9. Would there be an age limit on who could purchase the drugs like with alcohol? What would the market price be and who would set it? Would private industry be allowed to have a stake in any of this?
A #9. Supply and demand will determine fair market value.

Q #10. What are we going to do about under-age youngesters–the age gruop hit hardest by the crack crisis? Are we going to give them identification cards? How can we prevent adults from purchasing drugs for them?
A #10. We cannot stop this from happening, but I am convinced that I can stop my under-age children from buying drugs.

Q #11. How many people are projected to become addicts as a result of the introduction of cheaper, more available drugs sanctioned by the government?
A #11. The controlled sale of a substance will not change the mental health of The United States of America.

Q #12. Since marijuana remains in a pesron’s system for weeks, what would we do about pilots, railroad egineers, surgeons, police, cross country truckers, and nuclear power play employees, all of whom want to use it during off-duty hours? And what would be the effect on the health insurance industry?
A #12. We will continue to do what we are doing now. We must require each employee to perform his duties in an efficient and safe manner. Where public safety is a concern, an employee should be tested daily as to his ability to perform his tasks (not for alcohol and drugs). No automobile or truck should be started until the intended driver has proven that he has the motor skills and hand/foot dexterity to operate the vehicle.

Remember when this was written
Author: harold

Weirdharold’s Thoughts on the War on Drugs in the 80s

Drug Phobia


A communicable disease caused by the focus of attention on another’s use of mood-altering chemicals.

Symptoms: A high minded moral intolerance of anyone that would consider inhaling, ingesting, inserting or injecting a chemical substance in their body to feel good long term untreated afflictions. May result in a closed mind, self-righteousness, and bigotry.

Long term effect on health of community: laws have been passed to appease these sickos that have created a market place of violence. A business that exploits the mentally ill, the poor and uneducated.

Treatment: The following may be helpful to those wishing to change:

1. Recite the 9th commandment 29 times upon rising in the morning.

2. Never watch Nancy Reagan on TV.

3. Try to avoid TV ads by the N.C.D. & A.. especially those made by sports personalities.

4. Join a self-help group that sits in a circle around two joints and six ludes reciting in unison “these chemicals cannot harm me.”

1. DO you believe it is morally wrong for others to ingest valium with the authority of a doctor?

2. Or for others to take one pill more than the doctor suggested?

3. Or to take two extra pills just so that they can meet new people?

4. Or to wash down one of those pills with a shot of Johnny Walker Black?

5. Or to go to more than one doctor to get the same prescription for mood-altering drugs?

6. Or to smoke marijuana?

7. Or to mainline heroin?

8. Or to mainline peanut butter?

Anyone with 7 or 8 yes answers most certainly is in the later stages of drug phobia and should be sent to sit on the front row of Jerry Falwell’s church so long as either shall live.

Anyone with 4 or 5 yes answers does not know where he/she stands on the drug issue. A good start would be to grow a large crop of marijuana and give all the proceeds to the war on drugs campaign.

If you are one of the 1000 that said no to all, you share my view that setting moral standards for others is tricky business and should be left to The Divine Creator.I have the same thoughs today
Author: harold