Letter to Journalist at Daily Journal

I am not a journalist, My three sons who have or are working on their Master Degree (one in English) tell me politely I cannot write very well, either. I put up my site to express my objections to the Drug Laws. I have been distracted by politics, family reunions and Pharisees (AFA) seating in high seats in synagogues and taking widows last mite.

S****i, I look at the drug laws from a different preceptive than most. I see it as a mission without a goal and a power grab by many. We are locking up some of the the most sick people in our society. Some happen to be my friends. I have never used, sold or transported an illegal drug. My thoughts come from 30 years experience. I can share my experience, but for spiritual reasons I cannot print how I came to get this experience. My resume will scare you. But here it is:

My family: I am fully acquainted with four generations, both maternal and parental, which includes 71 individuals and I happen to be the only alcoholic/manic depressive.

My experience includes: I have been in mental health units 5 times for 120 days. I personally have been treated over 46 years by 19 psychiatrists, 13 psychologists and 24 family physicians for manic depressive disorder. I have no idea have many visits that included.

I visited a Federal prison once, one State prison many times, three county jails about 50 times, one hospital for the criminally insane three times. I have visited about 10 alcohol/drug treatment centers more than 250 times. I have visited alcoholic/addicts in lawyers offices, doctors offices, churches, and their homes 100s of times, Talked to 1000s on the phone both addicts and their families, I have been to about 12,000 fellowship meeting the past 30 years in 16 different states and one foreign country. I know I have met more than 10,000 alcoholic/addicts and the families.

This jail situation is a perfect example of the damage our drug laws are doing to Lee County. Please remember this Jail has been in use only nine years. My friends tell me that violence is rampant and of course we know of one homicide this year. My only question is: Why can’t the Daily Journal check how prisoners are there on drug charges, yes include those in the so call “drug business”. They would not exist without these laws? Only Lee County not the one brought from other places.

Author: harold

Letter to Daily Journal

Two blogs on my web blog are linked to the Daily Journal about over crowding in the Lee County Jail, one is an article, the other is an editorial. I have lived here for 13 years and finally we are talking about symptoms of our failed drugs laws. I must say there is no admission drug laws caused this problem but at least we are looking in the right direction. If we learn from history, I bet before Richard,”I Am Not A Crook” Nixon started pushing drug laws, Lee County Jail’s problems were few and far between (as I said I was not here).

I got attached to this issue when Nancy “Just Say No” Reagan went around the country pushing more extreme drugs laws while Ronnie, “I Knew All About Iran/Contra,” Reagan slept for three months.

I think the issue was settled 2000 years ago and still can be applied:

Mark 9:29

So He said to them, “This kind can come out by nothing but prayer and fasting.”

Of course, our Pharisees and scribes believe guns, crowded jails, crowded courts, long prison sentences and SWAT teams will serve us better.

I wish to thank the Daily Journal staff, both journalist and editorial, for opening the door.
Author: harold

Have you seen our drug war elephant lately?

What I don?t understand is how schools can conduct drug education and NOT inform students about the harmful effects of drug policy. It?s like ignoring the elephant put in a church for security. Even environmentally challenged people know that the elephant doesn?t belong. Even with the best training the elephant can?t tell who belongs and who doesn?t. Besides, anyone with a boatload of bananas will do whatever they please in the church. And before you know it you?re hip deep in things that only an elephant can leave. Drug war elephant droppings include: crack cocaine, well-armed street gangs, meth labs run by amateurs in poor neighborhoods, endangerment of innocent lives and property by commando style DEA raids, crystal meth, well armed terrorist groups, drive by shootings, and an overpriced and overly restricted legal drug market that denies treatment to sick people.
Those who brought the elephant into the church insist that the elephant droppings would be even worse if the church got rid of the elephant ? and news editors will enthusiastically second that opinion. I haven?t seen that many elephants; maybe they eat their own droppings. The drug war elephant only seems to eat up our tax dollars. One thing to note is that the drug war elephant spends most of the time in low-income areas, and that might explain why nobody with influence seems to notice its harmful effects.

If you’re interested in seeing what drug education should be like check out
The Original Drug Manual for Kids

. It will be worth your time.
Submitted by Rim Champ via e-mail
Author: harold

Lee County Jail

Mark 10
a blind man, Bartimaeus…………………………..

 51″What do you want me to do for you?” Jesus asked him.
      The blind man said, “Rabbi, I want to see.”

 52″Go,” said Jesus, “your faith has healed you.”

When we have the faith of Bartimaeus we will stop picking at the scab of a serious melanoma and start treating the cancer. The problem of crowded jails, clogged courts, security personal shortages are all the result of failed drug laws.

Since the Daily Journal wants to talk about the crowded jails look at this list of folks that we could have locked up in Lee County jail if they had lived here and the drug laws were in effect in the 1800s.

Alfred Lord Tennyson

Edgar Allen Poe

Lord Byron

Percy Bysshe Shelley

William Wordsworth

Jon Keats

Abraham Lincoln (?)

Henry James

Clay Douglas Highbaugh (my maternal grandfather)

Virgina Woolf

T. S. Elliot

This is just a short list to get you interested. That list would have perked up your jail population. All these folks were trying to do was end some form of mental anguish, as many that are in there are trying to do also.

Why can’t the Daily Journal look at the court docket and see how many of the people are awaiting trial because of drug charges. Do not get me wrong Al Calpone should be in jail, however I see no reason Adolph Coors should be. Same should apply to drugs.

Author: harold

Prison, not a Jail

This is cruel and inhumane punishment, people, like pigs or any other animal cannot live in this type of crowded conditions. We need a grand jury to examine the violent activity going on in these facilities. The answer is not building more prisons, the answer lies in these stupid drugs laws we have pasted over the past 35 years.

Our drug laws are a sugar tit for politicians, immoral activity for our society.
Author: harold

Three Envelopes

During a conversation between Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, Bill said, “Dubya I put three envelopes in a drawer in the presidential desk in the Oval Office”. Dubya replied, ” Why, huh, huh, huh”? Bill said, Things you should know if things get rough going.” Dubya said, ” I will not need them huh, huh, huh.”

When Dubya arrive at the Oval Office he saw three envelopes numbered one, two, three. Dubya reckoned, “What the heck huh, huh, huh” so opened number one. It read, “Blame your predecessor”. Dubya says, “Good” and left the other two unopened.

During the 2004 election and John Kerry continued ahead in the pools, Dubya decide to open the second envelope. It read, “Change policy”. Dubya tried and he got elected.

I am awaiting for Dubya to open the third envelope. Bill told me it reads, “Make out three new envelopes.”

Author: harold