The Gunman in Ikua

The Daily Corinthian link has been removed has very little on the incident. I heard some about this on TV. The feelings and disruptions to a marriage by religious ministers may not be as rare as we would like to think. Religious ministers should carry a spiritual message. Stay out of secular problems. They should use great care in visiting the opposite sex in their own homes. Jealously is a terrible emotion.

I have seen on two occasions power seeking religious ministers enter into the lives of thought to be needless women. They would exert power over these women (not sexual) and create a power base in a small church. They create similar acts to this when husbands are as fearful as this man. I suggest the church investigate this matter to its fullest too determine if this behavior has spread. Or maybe they want women controlling their church as Jim Jones and David Koreish carried it out to a very harsh way.
Author: harold