LaRue Kentucky May 14, 1934

Sometime Monday May 14, 1934 Chester Dye, 41 was helping Ed Lee Ford, 45 with some forgotten chore. They were in a field just south of Magnolia, KY in LaRue County. They had a team of horses and two Heinz 57 dogs with them near the fence where they were working. Suddenly a bolt of lightening hit the fence leaving Chester Dye, one horse, and one dog dead.

Now what would the predestine theologist say about this account

I have heard the story most of my life. Some accounts were added by Joe McCoy and past on via e-mail by a friend whose name I have not got permission to print.

Death Records At University of KY are as follows

Date——850402- Feb 4,1985
Age 096 —–96 years of age
Place Of Death LARUE CO
Residence place of residence LARUE CO

Date–340514–May 14, 1934
Age—041—41 years old
Place of Death–LaRue County
No place of residence listed
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