Manic Depression

Manic depression is a wild ride on a roller coaster of emotional high and lows. Neither can be very comfortable. Chronic fatigue one minute in uncomfortable situations, then light mania as the brain tries to pull itself out of the very uncomfortable depression. What could cause such brain reactions, was it the situation, the sugar in the banana bread or what? What do I do next to help? Hot bath? healthy foods? Labor that take no brain power? I am taking my meds as directed. The answer lies in spiritual help, I believe. Also trying to live within the principles I have learned in the fellowship. Think how St. Frances lived and to follow some his suggestions.
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Student drug testing used more widely this year

This blog that was started to give my opinions on our Drug Laws and the effects on our society. Being an alcoholic and Manic Depressive it got distracted from its original intent. Looking from the bottom I do not have enough space on my blog to show my entire distaste for our Drug Laws and the effects on our society. This drug testing is one of them. George W. Bush has it right these acts are by people who hate freedom. I feel the same about this action

Educators are given powers to educate our youth and the tools to do it with. Why do we give them powers to look inside our children’s bodies? If there is a thought that some unacceptable behavior might arise from something inside their bodies, check for red beans too.

Read your Bible folks. We are trying to build a tower to Heaven. The Babylonians failed so will we. They did not destroy so many as we.

I ain’t saying any more to people who hate freedom.”Virtue is more to be feared than vice,
because its excesses are not subject to
the regulation of conscience.”

—Adam Smith
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7/24/06 Headline on Drug Policy Forum

When we think of all the dangerous drugs put on the market by amateurs, then think of all the bathtub gin on the market in 1932!  There ain’t much of that stuff available today. A D minus student in Economics 101 has it figured out.

Would we have had LSD if marijuana had been grown, manufactured and sold by professionals?  Could we say the same for oxycontin, oxcodone & qaalude and etc if opiates had the same legal channels?  Of course we wouldn’t have many traveling amateurs meth labs if cocaine was available.

One of the strange thoughts that come to my mind is our efforts to keep all these growing list of drugs away from all our folks in the USA, why aren’t all the youth in Columbia and Afghanistan dope addicts and how do the DEA agents avoid this terrible scourge?  Strange logic. Dubya says, People that hate freedom

Weirdharold says
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Weirdharold says

I can only give my point of view from my experience. I do not have a lab nor have I kept records. I have heard many hundreds of alcoholic say they believe they were born alcoholic as I do. I believe the use of alcoholic is only a symptom, the root cause of the illness, disease, spiritual malady whatever you wish to call it, runs much deeper.

The actions of the afflicted rip through their families causing much turmoil. Our prohibitionist laws add to this turmoil giving no aid to any. The thought that punishment will bring clear headiness to the impaired is totally false (maybe abusers of prohibited substances but not the addicted). At the same time love ones attempting to save their relatives from an unjust system create havoc with other close relatives. I do not have enough space on my site to describe all the times I have seen this happen.

It is my belief our state should go back to its original intent and insure domestic Tranquility. Our prohibitionist laws do the opposite. While our politicians tell us how many lives they are saving, they are actually saying we are gonna tell you what you can put into your body as if we do not have enough sense to do that ourselves. Well they can’t tell us that so they make laws that would not fit in a book six inches thick. These laws violate every thought of freedom laid out in the constitution. That being said the dumbest of all it destroys our economic foundation. Adam Smith laid out theories of supply and demand. He never said anything about, stop the supply and the demand will go away. duh yea

We come to a point where we are worse than the Babylonian Empire attempting to build a tower to Heaven. I think they stopped when they all started speaking a different language. 92 years into this folly we are still trying.

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Melancholy 7/11/06

When alone the brain and the body does not react together. The body is in a state of fatigue. The brain is racing wanting desperately to form some genius thought, while neither body or mind is satisfied.

When in the presence of others my body remains in a state of fatigue, The brain become alive with arrogance, while trying to remain equal but the language become harsh and rude. My voice becomes loud and unleveled over trivial matters.

The behavior leaves me thinking I am useless in my own work. This is called depression for the manic depressive. I am happy I can recognize. It is not a pleasant state of mind and body.

It may be nothing more than a full moon. Many years of this condition would lead me to say, “no”

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