Putting out the Flame on the Brain

The brain conversations with self is slowly going away. A decision to remove myself from this game gives me the opportunity to examine my own actions. My own actions were removing me from the knowledge of God’s will and the power to carry that out. As in war I was attacking the weakest point. Today I remove myself from that battlefield. Knowing this, the heated brain can deal with everyday functions. Sleeping patterns are better.

The ability to write about this diseased brain has come back, slowly. Today I think I may return to being a crazy philosopher.
Author: harold

Narcotics unit commander: Serving public all that matters

“I get so much satisfaction from my job because Im in a position to help people,” said Bunn. “Most crimes committed have something to do with drugs. The more drugs we get off the streets, the more people that can live safer lives. That’s what this job is about. Making our streets safer.”

I bet the Jews that enforced the adultery laws 2000 years ago felt the same way.

I would like to debate Mr. Bunn on the value of the laws he is trying to enforce for our society. I am available anytime, anywhere he can be.”Virtue is more to be feared than vice,
because its excesses are not subject to
the regulation of conscience.”

—Adam Smith
Author: harold

A Tradition Thought #1

Our fellowship is made up of some of the most spiritually under par folks God put here on earth. Many principles have been put into place that we choose to ignore and live in our own little world. Our Twelve Steps and Traditions are a collections of principles that have proven to be of aid to many that suffer from the spiritual malady of alcoholism. They set a perfect path.

On Christmas Eve 1975 I was told if I wanted to stop drinking I should go to our fellowship, he was going and it had solved his drinking problem. I suffer from both alcoholism and manic depression. After a serious bout with depression I threw myself into the fellowship. I made a casual attempt to add the steps to my life. I began to see immediate results. The more meetings I attended the better I felt about myself. I then began to study the traditions. These traditions brought me out of the religious strife that confused my perfectionest ideas on how God’s people should relate to one another. The ideas of singleness of purpose, nobody in charge, no money, no conning, no questioning of faith, the capacity to Love all that come, and be Loved by those that come. These principles satisfied the beast inside my brain that I had sought perfectness from the bottle.

Singleness of purpose is probably the most important idea that comes from our fellowship. Humility and anonymity can easily keep this idea place. However without those two very important qualities, the politicians, the Nazis, and other perfectionist members begin to define things that should never be defined by groups. When humility and anonymity are in force the simple fact is, ‘If you do not want to stop drinking we cannot help you and we are positive you cannot help us”.
Author: harold

DEA Busts Coast-To-Coast Heroin Ring

We are gonna decrease the demand by cutting off the supply That ain’t the way Adam Smith said it works, my friends. We gonna prove he was wrong. We gonna fill every jail. Rip up our constitution and brag about what we are doing. Another thing Mr. Smith said I like:

“Virtue is more to be feared than vice,
because its excesses are not subject to
the regulation of conscience.”

He was probably wrong here too. You can’t trust those kinda people. But now the DEA they gonna fix things. When pig fly backwards.
Author: harold

Black Dog Days

The black dog days of depression. I must get out of bed. Well I will sleep a little longer. I should eat, but I am not hungry. I will go to the grocery, but I do not have the car. I will do some cooking, too late before fellowship meeting at noon. I will do some blogging, all I can think about is this extreme fatigue. I can think about Poe’s Bells, ringing and the tingling to the bells. Bill Wilson said we should walk, in this hot weather taking the medication I am taking? I will think of St. Frances, “it is better to comfort, than to be comforted”. The best think to do is go to my fellowship meeting.
Author: harold

Samuel Alito Supreme Court Hearing

I was listening to the Samuel Alito Supreme Court Hearing on CSPAN. He was questioned about upholding a strip search of a 10 year old girl. He stated, “The parents might be hiding drugs on her”. I knew most narc cops were sadist. Judge Alito just promoted them to pedophiles.
This shall be found on page 331-332 on PDF downloaded from here. Senator Leahy is doing the questioning. S.Hrg. 109-277, Of course I am paraphrasing.

Weirdharold lies only when it is absolutely necessary.

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Emmett At His Best

I saw Emmett in the Post Office yesterday. He held his straw hat in hand. He had the same pair of overalls on that I described earlier. His face was drawn and he looked very sad. I asked the usual question, “How is your tobacco, rain ain’t hurt it, I don’t reckon?” Emmett replied in a very low voice, ” Naw” Then I said. “Nobody sick , is there, you mother, sister?” Without change in facial expression Emmett replied, “No everybody ok. I just ordered me a wife from Sears & Roebucks. All they sent me was a darned old dress.”
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Entitlement or Insurance

1956 I finished my ninth year of school and began my tenth year. I was fifteen years old. I was living on a very small farm in Hart County, Kentucky with my 62 year old father and 59 year old mother. My siblings were married and were living elsewhere. I was doing everything I was asked to do to help the three of us scratch out a meager living from the farm. Principally our income came from 13 dairy cows and 1.82 acres of burley tobacco. All the feed for the dairy was grown on the farm. This included planting, harvesting, and preparing all the hay and corn for the cattle. This included cultivating the tobacco with a small harrow pulled buy a 600 pound mule called, “Slim” . It also included hanging tobacco high into a barn to dry which my father could not do because of a physical impairment.

My father being a generous and humble man thought I should have 750 dollars of the total family income. All was taxable. I assume I put at least 1000 hours in that effort plus I went to school. However I do think it was a good wage for that time and that area.

Note I paid $22.20 in SS. I was told this was old age security and disability insurance. I became disabled in the year of 1993 after I and my employers had paid in excess of $45,000 on this insurance. Today I hear this is an entitlement.

I did not know it was gonna be loaned to our Federal Government to send my brothers and sisters to Vietnam. 58,000 would not come back alive. I did not know they were gonna create a department called DEA and start a “War on Drugs” that imprison millions of the most mental ill in our nation. Spending about 100 billion a year to carry out this farce and many more projects of no worth.

I would like to say if I had a choice where this money was spent, I would have chosen outright poverty to spending the money on the above mentioned projects. Whether you call it insurance or entitlement.
Author: harold