A Tradition Thought #1

Our fellowship is made up of some of the most spiritually under par folks God put here on earth. Many principles have been put into place that we choose to ignore and live in our own little world. Our Twelve Steps and Traditions are a collections of principles that have proven to be of aid to many that suffer from the spiritual malady of alcoholism. They set a perfect path.

On Christmas Eve 1975 I was told if I wanted to stop drinking I should go to our fellowship, he was going and it had solved his drinking problem. I suffer from both alcoholism and manic depression. After a serious bout with depression I threw myself into the fellowship. I made a casual attempt to add the steps to my life. I began to see immediate results. The more meetings I attended the better I felt about myself. I then began to study the traditions. These traditions brought me out of the religious strife that confused my perfectionest ideas on how God’s people should relate to one another. The ideas of singleness of purpose, nobody in charge, no money, no conning, no questioning of faith, the capacity to Love all that come, and be Loved by those that come. These principles satisfied the beast inside my brain that I had sought perfectness from the bottle.

Singleness of purpose is probably the most important idea that comes from our fellowship. Humility and anonymity can easily keep this idea place. However without those two very important qualities, the politicians, the Nazis, and other perfectionist members begin to define things that should never be defined by groups. When humility and anonymity are in force the simple fact is, ‘If you do not want to stop drinking we cannot help you and we are positive you cannot help us”.
Author: harold