Thoughts Today 9/30/06

The brain is hot from some previous insignificant encounter. I continue to think of thing I could have said. This is a problem with all, however we alcoholics/manic depressives hang onto this faulty spiritual malady. The answer lies with St. Francis, it is better to comfort than to be comforted, It is better to understand than be understood. While these bits and pieces can be described as throwing a bucket of water upon a forest fire, it is better than feeding this diseased brain with, “what ifs”

The most difficult problem with alcoholism and manic depression is that fact must be kept in the forefront of my mind.
Author: harold

E-mail From a Member

To the editor:
Public school obsession with teaching abstinence is absurdly
unrealistic! Risk is an inherent principle involved in nearly all
personal and financial decisions. Parents for Poker curriculum teaches
kids how to calculate those risks and make better decisions. It?s no
better for sex and drugs. Long-term abstinence is practiced widely only
by clerics and zealots ? both religious and secular. Only Christian
Scientists even make feeble attempts to live drug-free.
Schools should be teaching kids how to develop strong healthy
personal relationships leading up to sex. They should also be teaching
kids where to find reliable information about what drugs can ? and even
more importantly can?t ? do for or to people. They should also be
promoting a serious endorphin addiction in the form of a lifetime
commitment to a vigorous fitness regimen. Such regimens are the surest
inoculation to addictions and the debilitating drug dependencies that
afflict over a third of our elderly. While those topics are thoroughly
discussed in texts such as The Original Drug Manual for Kids, these
curriculums are made mostly unavailable to public schools by the
educational establishment.
I am pleasantly surprised that Parents for Poker is available ? even
in a very limited manner. Kudos to parents that support truth-based
education! Abstinence based education has resulted in the world?s most
lucrative markets for gambling, pornography and drugs ? both legal and
illegal. I?m sure Dobson and company feel proud of those accomplishments.
JT Barrie
Philomath, OR

Author: harold

And you think the pharmaceutical companies don’t have a powerful lobby?

A car company can move it’s factories to Mexico and claim it’s a free market.

A toy company can out source to a Chinese subcontractor and claim it’s a free market.

A shoe company can produce its shoes in south east Asia and claim it’s a free market.

A major bank can incorporate in Bermuda to avoid taxes and claim it’s a free market.

We can buy HP Printers made in Mexico.

We can buy shirts made in Bangladesh.

We can purchase almost anything we want from 20 different countries

BUT, heaven help the senior citizens who dare to buy their prescription drugs from a Canadian pharmacy.

That’s called un-American!

And you think the pharmaceutical companies don’t have a powerful lobby? Think again!

Forward this to every person you know over age 50. It is an interesting thought.

Forget the 50, send it to everyone. We’re all in this boat together!

Even if you aren’t in this boat now, you’re standing on the pier.e-mail from friend
Author: harold

Anti-Islamic Rhetoric

I am receiving anti-Islamic e-mail by the dozens. Somebody is trying to scare our populace. These e-mail are coming from everywhere, moderate ministers, journalists, professionals, friends, old classmates, even old drinking buddies. Hate Muslims and gasoline prices going down. There is something going on in the necon focus rooms.

Maybe we should be scared, but of whom. Five years of war. Five yeas of rhetoric about axis of evil scaring the crap out of despots trying to hang onto power any way they can. This sounds a lot like Uncle Paul telling me to watch close at his eyes while he was pinching my butt when I stop looking at his eyes.

The next time I see a a lady wearing a berka I am going to say, “Shalom Alakeim” Translated to English,” May the peace of Allah be with you” Allah the God of Abraham (Ibrahim) and ALL his descendants. That ought get a little religious war going on in the home front.

1 John 4:6-8 (King James Version)

 8 He that loveth not knoweth not God; for God is love

This e-mail is a prepared response for any more unlearned anti-Islamic rhetoric.

Author: harold

The Sad Story OF Brent Shapiro

“Students who use marijuana are more likely to drop out of school, have lower academic aspirations, and experience job instability in young adulthood.”

From Brent Shapiro web sight

Weirdharold says, “Pigs that eat corn are most likely to get slaughtered.”

I would like to set down and tell Mr. & Mrs. Shapiro the death of their son has screw up their chronological clock and the death of their son will be with them their entire life. The pain will arise no matter what actions they take. I want to cry when I go to this site. Since the beginning of time we have never known how to save people from addiction. Our present drug laws are perpetrating a ignorance that could be avoided. It is the laws stupid, not the drugs.
Author: harold

Resentments are Sizzling Coals

Resentments are sizzling coals in the inner recesses of my mind, fires of the past. They are of no problem until they are dripped into the same substance visible in the present. They fire up the brain to a near uncontrollable state. My brain wants to deal only with the dripping material, there is no desire to examine the real depth of the burning coals. A lifetime of knowing the whereabouts, the nature, and arsonist has not given me the power to extinguish these burning coals. It can only come from a God of my understanding. I believe God will give me a match to light these coals or water to extinguish. To me this is heaven or hell as I choose.
Author: harold