The Rim Champ Speaks

To the editor:
When I was campaigning in 2000 I got a lot of feedback about ?cops on
the take?. They would call about ?drug houses? ? with no results.
Since then I have read reviews of The Departed and how it?s based on a
true story. It stars Jack Nicholson as a mobster who was an informant
for the police. That?s how police prosecute the War on Drugs: with
informants whose cover is dealing drugs. Those informants then provide
information about their competitors ? who are busted.
Working with criminals to bust other criminals is considered good
police practice. Of course, any moron can see that police can?t ? by
definition ? ever end or even seriously curtail trafficking of banned
drugs. Once they turn on informants fewer criminals will work with
them. Even worse, they will have to rely on other informants. Besides,
99% of those busted for ?dealing? are addicts who are then morphed by
editors like Priewe into mini Pablo Escobars in the minds of readers.
The Escobars of the world don?t touch banned drugs. They hire ? or
coerce – people to grow, transport, and sell them. All cashiers in the
drug war are addicts ? even addicts on Oprah. A clear minority of users
are addicts, but police often put nonaddicts in mandatory rehab or
jail. Often they cooperate with our government to imprison competitors.
Only a legal regulated market will end their profiteering. Then
maybe we can stop treating sick people like criminals ? or training
them as criminals in prison.
JT Barrie
Philomath, OR

The Oprah Show frequently uses addicts in her show but glosses over
their criminal activities to make them more sympathetic to her
audience. These are “people ruined by drugs”. In last Friday’s episode
they featured a child of an addict who was exposed to people who stole
cars and dealt drugs to finance their addiction. The show never
detailed how the mother financed her addiction. Since it was her house,
it was likely that she was a dealer too. The lapdog media takes great
pains to separate addicts from dealers in the minds of the public. From
fantasy cop shows on TV to news coverage they deliberately neglect to
inform them that all the low level dealers [cashiers] are addicted and
deal to bankroll their addiction.
To be honest I did live with a sporadic dealer, who dealt to
bankroll his business investments. He was an alcoholic who was not
addicted to the product he sold. He also sold exclusively to casual
users and deliberately limited his activities so as not to become
visible to drug informants for police. He didn’t become an informant
because he was reasonably intelligent and did not trust police any
further than I could throw them [ while in atrocious physical
condition, he had more upper body strength than I did]. Needless to
say, many other “wealthy entrepreneurs” rely a lot on drug money and
their income is nearly totally as risk-free as my former roommate’s.

If you’re interested in seeing what drug education should be like
check out
The Original Drug Manual
for Kids

. It will be worth your time.

Author: harold

Litter to Daily Journal Not Published

Some friends are chiding me because I have stated I am going to vote for Mr. Kenneth Hurt for The First District in Mississippi for the US House of Representatives. I do not know Mr. Hurt. I did know his beautiful and amiable daughter that died of breast cancer. Also I have met his granddaughter and her child. None of these acquaintances would change my mind about voting for Mr. Hunt. The article in the Daily Journal on 10/17/06 did not change my opinion either. We need change in Washington, D.C.

The past 12 years we have seen all the money put into political campaigns devoted to disparaging each opponent via the mass media. This leaves many angry. Soon we will have the Divided States of America.

Why don’t we put these mega bucks back into the local precincts to organize campaigns? This would allow local people to take responsibility for their political issues. Maybe this would stop the large corporations from deciding who is going to Washington to serve their needs. Maybe tax dollars could be more wisely used.

I have not heard a disparaging campaign going on here and I hope we do not have one. If this race were close we would have one. My only thought is we need a change because our three-tier oversight government is not working. Change is the only answer.

Another change that could be made for better government would for our politicians adopt the same principle that professional wrestlers use, “Your opponent has to work tomorrow night”

Author: harold

Spiritual Arrogance

I am a Christian. I try to follow the the steps of humility via anonymity, as taught by the man whose name I claim as my spiritual leader. I fall short every day of fulfilling these principles because i do not know all the answers and I must continue to seek. It is in the seeking we find. It is still the spiritual arrogance that brings me back to the point I must continue my search for a life of humility via anonymity.

So many claiming the same spiritual leader as I also claim perfect knowledge of the past, present and future spiritually. For those I direct them to this “Link”
Author: harold

Weirdharold Speaks

Only one type of person will use psychoactive at inappropriate times. Those who wish to change the way the feel. Where do you find those people. Our youth, facing an adult life, with hormones for an adult, but without the skill to inter that life. Then we have the mentally ill.

We have bastardized our drug laws to the point it easier for our youth to obtain these psychoactive products than it was 100 years where no laws existed. At the same time our efforts to keep these chemicals out of the hands of all, laws to develop that policy have created the most tragic political atmosphere against our most mentally ill.

We arm police to stop the flow of these psychoactive products. This action creates a society hell bent on stopping the mentally ill from using product they know will make them feel better. Here Adam Smith’s thought comes into play “Virtue is more to be feared than vice, because its excesses are not subject to the regulation of conscience.”

So much for the philosophy let us look at the reality. Political lawmaker go after the drug market with a vengeance with the full approval of those who put them in their position of power. This fact allows the lawmakers to give more and more powers to the law enforcement. These laws have gone far beyond the reach of our constitution, such as entrapment and confiscation of property all while our populace think we are keeping these product from our youth. When these laws produce nothing but larger police forces and judicial systems. and imprison our sick. Then Adam Smith’s thought comes into play when failure is rewarded with more power allocated to those who carry out the sorry public policy.

Author: harold

Weirdharold on Religion

I embrace some of all religions that I am familiar that I find valuable

I reject some of all religions that I am familiar that I find controlling

I think I should be extremely careful not I criticize another’s method of finding a relationship with God

No one should use their religion to goveren

Religious leaders not controlled by their members can be dangerous

Author: harold

Stories From the table


Back in the mid 30s or early 40s, there was a joint effort to bale hay or thrash wheat at my mother’s farm. My mother’s job was to feed all the workers. There was just as much effort in the kitchen as in the field. There would be many women coordinating a meal in a very small kitchen and dining room. There would be more than one table of men and sometimes the men would come out of the field to dinner in shifts so as not to waste so much time at the table. Sometimes they all came in at the same time and use the waiting time to socialize.

The menu could be anything that was produced on the farms in the area. The women would bring something from their home and the lady from the house where the meal was being served coordinated this effort.

One day at my mother’s kitchen the work was hectic, and our small house was very crowded. It was getting close to time for the men to come in from the field. Mother reached into the cabinet for an empty plate. She promptly put the plate on the table. Someone in the dining area thought it was inappropriate for an empty plate to be on the table and asked, “Mary why are you putting an empty plate on the table”? Mother replied, “That is for Sadie’s chicken.” Sadie who had been comfortably out of the way spoke up, “Well if y’all want the chicken, it is down in the chicken pen. Y’all can go down and get it if you want it.”


I stayed with my sister, Nellie, and her family many times during my last childhood year and early teens years. Her children, my nephews, were my favorites playmates. I stayed overnight many times. One overnight stay I remember Nellie had picked up one dozen salted fish at Bailey Chelf’s store in Jonesville. She and Ralph were living in the Sand Hollow house at that time.

I guess the secret to preparing fish in brine is to take out the proper amount of the salt. I got up one Sunday morning with Phil and Larry and we go down to breakfast. Nellie was at the stove cooking the fish. Shortly after we arrive we sat at the table to eat the salted fish. We all must have been very hungry. Ralph ate four, I ate three, Phil ate two and Larry and Nellie ate one each. One was left for the hounds. I never could cook salted fish like that. I never tried to hard either.

Breakfast at Uncle Arthur’s

Breakfast at Uncle Arthur’s is so interesting it should be reproduced. The food is secondary to the acts of all the parties. I cannot remember being there before Ruth was married and left home. I would be sleeping with Tommy and I would arise with him. We would head downstairs, the first to see would be Aunt Ethel at stove ready to take orders for breakfast. Gordon would be seaed at the south end of the table stirring his coffee. Coman would have finished eating and sitting at the table looking as if he were chilly. Uncle Arthur, most likely would have already left the house to take care of the livestock. Tommy and I would be seated and give our request for breakfast. Bacon, eggs, gravy and biscuits were my favorites and I as remember they were always available. Allen would arrive at the table next shortly followed by James. Each would give their breakfast order to Aunt Ethel.

A meal I would like to forget

It is mid-spring 1949, in Hammondville, Kentucky. The odor of spring in Kentucky filled the air. I am sitting at the kitchen table eating dinner (lunch main meal of the day). Those with me are my mother, father, two older sisters and my Grandfather’s brother who was epileptic. The meal was, from the beginning, interrupted by my puppy/dog, about nine months old, yelping and barking chasing chickens, pigs, cattle, mules or anything this rabid dog could do to relieve her pain.

I remember that part of the menu was fried chicken. Sometime after the meal began my father said he had had enough, he was taking the dog down to the stripping room, hold her there and see how her condition played out. He came back to the house later and that is all that I remember.
All stories are true as best I can remember or as I was told. One name is fictional
Author: harold