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Heard a Prosecuting Attorney running for office say, “A large percentage of crime is drug related”. Well if the Legislature were to make laws prohibiting sexual intercourse, we would have a lot of sexual crimes. The jews did that about two thousands years ago. When we repeal laws that prohibit folks from putting things into their bodies (as the Jews learned) crime will be reduced.

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End The War On Drugs

The twisted view our society has of our drugs laws has me in a dilemma. I think (put that with many question marks) most people think it is a behavioral problem that can and will be solved by keeping drugs and alcohol from the populace. Those that think that way should be put in the same place that think the earth is flat, or that dark skinned people should be servants to the lighter shined people as Noah stated to Ham in Genesis.The human brain cannot separate youthful indiscretion, drug/alcohol use, drug/alcohol abuse, drug/alcohol addiction. Some think drug/alcohol abuse is addiction. However my experience I believe there is as much difference drug/alcohol abuse and drug/alcohol addiction as the is between lighting and a lighting bug.

I failed English 100 once came back and passed took English 101 and dropped out and never when back to college. I try and try to put my philosophical ideas into digital form but I fail, cuss and cry to get it right. My youngest son is a Graduate Instructor of English Compensation in a large university. I am sure he would help if he could get some scholarship, grant, or stipend. If anybody knows of one let us know.

Here I go again, Let us start with youthful indiscretion. Jon goes to college, goes to pharm. parties, beer guzzling and any other parties that include psychoactive drugs I cannot identify. Remember in the mid. 1800s it was ether, a product used by medical people for many years. Here is where our youth hear about all the lies told them by people they should a trust. This includes teachers, preachers, police, politicians, and yes our parents. Here most youth break the apron strings of home, do their experimenting and go about their life in this very hardcore capitalist environment. Some may use drug/alcohol for the rest of their lives. No harm to themselves or anyone else.

Then we have other that like that crap and go a little further with the use, wish to rebel a little more. May do a little street dealing, may be smart to go up the ladder a little higher. May like the lifestyle the high income little work brings. This man is most likely not an addict.

Now let us go back to the college student that was top in his high school class. The Pham parties do more for him than just night’s party. The drug/alcohol devour him. At first notice he is just like the others, but soon parents and teachers know something is wrong and start a program (let’s let pride take over, forget the program.)

If anybody reads this just think of a manic depressive/alcoholic on mood stabilizers and drugs that affect nerve ending on a computer. click here before going further, it is short. If our society can allow our justice system to look at behavior and leave use of psychoactive drugs out of the equation of justice. Just think of the following. Jon going to college gets drunk slaps a cop. Now psychoactive drugs are not put into the justice system. The media can yell their heads off. Parents wonder what the hell is happening. No more of this shit, I will go to treatment. That can take place after justice has been served. here my next philosophical idea comes into play. What kinda of punishment should a lad get for slapping a cop. My thoughts are a guilty plea would be for the young man to go before a judge and the cop and give his allocution without the privilege of saying he was drunk and he was going to treatment. I would say 30, 8-hour days in a hospice as punishment. Now give a little thought if the young man decided to go to trial without drug/alcohol use allowed in court. 60, 8-hour days in a hospice as punishment.

My first Section does not take away the doctor’s pen and pad. The DEA will not exist. I will explain later where they should go (my first thought was to hell but they can be use in a better place). Regulations must exist for high risk drug, but not prohibit use if one wished to use like what I am taking, of course psychoactive drugs must be sold under regulations in so much the buyer is not at risk and tax collected.

The CATO institute believes alcohol prohibition was put into law because beer saloons were being put into neighborhoods that distributed social life. The Harrison Act and its laws that follow put these drug sales right back into the neighborhoods. When all is said and done this becomes the disruptive

My first Section would eliminate all this marketplace of violence and take the market out of neighborhoods. This would clean up some slums. Then the college entrepreneur has no job and he must go work with Martha Stewart, Bernie Ebbers, Enron or whatever. His business environment is gone. It will take a while, as did the moonshining.

The opiates farmers in Afghanistan could work in peace, the same for the coco farmers in Colombia. We could also eliminate all those security folks at airports that pretend to look for bombs but are really looking for drugs. Here at home those displaced tobacco farmers could raise hemp, which has more uses than the ginseng root. Philip Morris could change its business plan. Universities could start working to develop more varieties of hemp for more uses. Would that not be great.

Now come the big dividends from Weirdharold philosophical ideas. I ask the question why do we accept the death on our highways, when we allow DEA to abuse our constitution, kill people to enforce laws that help no one. I have post some ideas, here about how we can help reduce this loss of life. Now here is where we put all those DEA agents. Tell them put away all that SWAT team carp and bring their computers autos, van and any thing else they might use to help insure our Highways are safe to drive. Here hubris and fatigue set in and all I can say our focus is in the wrong place. Remember this statement. Let us make a very hard attempt to ensure our highways safe. This effort by MADD to to increase punishment is not working, stop the driving not the drinking. We must start look at driving, not just the drinking. If we want to punish an addict/alcoholic just let him to continue his use.

Let us talk about the most misunderstood of all the folks I talk about that is the addict/alcoholic. All I see is these laws doing so much more harm than good. I have made so many statements on by blog about this I am not going to any more here. I do believe this statement says how, we as the whole society, should look at this spiritual malady we know nothing about.

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Alcohol abuse

Alcohol abuse is on most campuses

Please let me point out that alcohol has been around longer the universities, and it probably will be around longer. Why don’t we look at youthful indiscretion and forget about the alcohol. Punish the behavior we think that is out of our society bounds. We cannot keep alcohol out of adult hands, we proved that in the early twentieth century. Look at the behavior this way where alcohol is concerned

Now look at the behavior that society does not accept in this manner
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