A Plan to Save Our Constiitution

Twenty Eighth Amendment

Section I

The state shall not prohibit any individual from inhaling, ingesting, injecting or inserting any substance into their body.

Section II

The state shall not prohibit the sale of any substance unless it can be proven it is a danger to our national security.

Section III

No court, civil or criminal, shall allow evidence that a mood altering substance has been used in an action under court review.

This plan will end the ”Drug War” and will:

Restore individual rights taken away via drugs i.e. police search and seizure of property.

Stop destroying worldwide drug trade that demands use of our military to control.

End the imprisonment of nonviolent persons.

End violent marketplaces in our inter cities.

Collect a new tax to help aid people with untreatable drug illnesses

Free resources to help Homeland security.

Put a blind and equal justice into our courts.

Author: harold