Re: Letter to Editor of the Daily Journal

As I read Robert “Bob” Caldwell letter to the editor, I feel sad. First, I wish to say I do not think they are successful or unsuccessful. They do the very best they can and the rest is in God’s hands. Second, I feel sad about our public policy set in place this does not curtail this from happening.

Our policy is nothing more than a continuation of our prohibition laws. Examine our policy, our law enforcement sees and individual driving outside the law. He stop the the person and he thinks he is drinking or using other drugs. One or two physical tests are made on site, if the tests are positive the driver is taken to a center to determine if his blood level is at an arbitrary level that he is not able to drive. Then he goes into the justice system to face penalties according to his wealth. If he is not drinking all other charge carry little thought. All seem to think it is the correct policy. When it does not work, we add penalties. Adding these harsh penalties has not made Mr. Bob’s job any easier. By his own words he may doing more of it.Let’s look at this in a different manner. Driving an automobile, truck of any size, or motorcycle on a public highway is not a, “Right”, it is a, “Privilege,” given to us by a department of our state that builds and maintains these highways we demand to have. I believe a policy of regulations, not laws, should be developed for who may get and maintain this Privilege. Take the emphasis off the drinking put it on the driving. An individual that cannot touch the point of his nose with his forefinger when holding either arm out perpendicular to his body does need to be driving. A legal implication would only occur when one was excising that Privilege without permission as with the owner of a restaurant or employing people and not obeying the laws subject to that activity.

Operating a moving object that weighs 2000 pounds or more, any speed, requires a clear mind, eye, hand and feet coordination, quick reflexes, good judgment and a proper understanding of all highway regulations. Also the vehicle being operated must made and maintained to operate under highway standards. We consecrate on the drinking while we give minimum attention to the others.

Here we turn our anger into resentment and we seek revenge. While we are not totally honest with those responsible for the actions causing our anger. We seek punishment instead of clarity and honestly in acceptable behavior.
Author: harold