Some of Weirdharold’s Thoughts From the Nineties


Thoughts to the Baptists

To all Baptists: With all the goings on at the SBC and the televangelists out there spouting never before heard spiritual knowledge, this is my list of points to look for so that we will not get our pocketbooks lifted and we are not asked to support some idea or policy we may regret.

First: “The Neo-Politic Bible Thumper”
Second “The Christian Messenger”

1. Do they have a constant need for money?

Jesus Christ hardly mentions money in his ministry. He carried his message across Israel with only one change of clothes. His plan never spoke of the material. He had only one purse-keeper who was a heady person. He was chastised for attempting to deny another for serving Jesus as she chose. We all know of his final demise.

2. Do they have a constant need for allies, especially the rich and powerful? Always watching their associates?

Christ shunned the rich and powerful, taking His message to the poor and downhearted.

3. Do they proclaim theirs to be the only method to worship God? This attracts allies. Christ proclaimed the only way to the Father was through Him. How we find Christ may be from many different directions.

4. Do they criticize the faith of others?

This attracts allies. Only a person of weak faith needs to criticize others’ faith.

5. Do they criticize the behavior of others? Or groups of others?

The Christian looks within for sinful behavior, but looks to God for the strength to love all and constantly asks in prayer, “Thy will be done, not mine.”

6. Do they constantly boast of their successes in evangelist work or with the missions whom you financially support?

The Christian will boast of nothing but what God has done for him.
Author: harold