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Of the pics Mike sent this is my favorite. Here lies the memory of my early childhood. The pic is of my father’s brother, his brother’s wife and youngest son in their front yard, however looking in the background there are two farm buildings that happen to be part of my mother’s homestead.

When I speak at fellowship meetings I state I was not raised by a family, I was raised by a clan. Maybe I should say I was raised by two clans.

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Weirdharold’s Thought

Drug prohibition is a beast — a beast that has tentacles many years old. The beast was created by a fearful society that believed the beast could do what only God can do. As the tentacles of the beast grew, they began to harm the ones it professed to help. A fearful society sees the harm as a sore continuing to grow. The blind, fearful society demands the beast be fed more and more. The beast’s tentacles now are so large and widespread it feeds the society’s fears; thus, society demands the beast be given more substance. The tentacles are cutting off the principles by which our society has grown and flourished. When the principles are lost, how much longer can our society last?

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Travis Brown murder

I am making the assumption the items of value being sought via armed robbery was prohibited drugs and/or cash related to such activity.

As I read, listen, and watch the reporting of these atrocious crimes it will soon be blamed on drugs. My friends it is not the drugs. It is the laws of prohibition. We put into place laws that allow people of less than righteous moral behavior the opportunity to attempt to enrich themselves in a marketplace of violence. We put into motion an atmosphere of violence by insisting certain natural substances not be allowed in the economic environment. The fact we demand this marketplace not be allowed does make it go away and it makes our neighborhoods less tranquil and unsafe.

Let us grieve this man’s death and take on our own responsibility for our own demands that create this situation.
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Poppy Fields Are Now a Front Line in Afghanistan War

Using wooden mock AK-47 assault rifles, Lt. John Castañeda and Cpl. John Orejuela demonstrate commando tactics to about 20 new members of what is intended to be an elite Afghan drug strike force. The recruits — who American officials say lack even basic law enforcement skills — watch wide-eyed

This is one of the reasons we send our sons and daughters ten thousands miles away to destroy a crop of a poor man trying to feed his family.

I guess this is the way to win friends.(sic)
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Narcotic Maker Guilty of Deceit Over Marketing

I have to agree with the Champ here

This is outrageous! Why should manufacturers of a product that no actual scientific study has shown to be especially addictive be punished because some moron teenager gets it illegally and deliberately abuses the product? Why not sue gun manufacturers for the use of stolen guns used in violent crimes [OOPS, someone already has]? Or car manufacturers when some criminal gets involved in high speed chases? The Supreme Court should – but likely won’t – overturn this travesty of justice. What happened to personal responsibility and the federal mandate to not interfere in our “pursuit of happiness”?
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