Afghanistan Counter-Narcotics Efforts

Afghanistan Counter-Narcotics Efforts
C-SPAN, Washington Journal
Washington, District of Columbia (United States)
6/25/07 9:30 EDT

Douglas, Richard J.
Deputy Assistant Secretary, Department of Defense, Counter-narcotics

I watched this program this AM. My call did not get through. This is what I would have liked to have said:

Every problem you are trying to solve is created by our prohibition laws which were put into effect back in 1914 when our country was following the religious tenets of Carrie B. Nation and Billy Sunday. These thoughts brought us to the Great American Experiment of alcohol prohibition which was quickly cast aside, but we kept the drug prohibition. We have demonized a few psychoactive drugs created by nature. This denomination has created the following while not being able to state why these laws exist:

1. Created a violent underground drug market
2. Created a bureaucracy in our government that cannot be reigned in control
3. Destroyed some of our Civil Rights written in our Constitution Amendment IV
4. Created businesses that have no value to our State
a. Narcotics Squads
b. Private Prison industry & local jails
c. Ballooning Police Forces
d. Testing service
e. Security Companies
f. Treatment Centers
g. Drug Education centers

Results to our society:

a. 25,000,000, to 30,000,000 addict/alcoholic in US now
b. Spending $100,000,000,000 per year proclaiming we are saving people from becoming addict/alcoholic
c. 500,000 non-violent people in prison, of which 350,000 are severely mentally ill.

I say end Drug Prohibition. All any has given me for a reply to the above-mentioned statement is , “I do not agree”.

One caller said she was so happy with the work you are doing (interdiction) because she had experience. Her daughter was an addict. Interdiction did not keep drugs from her daughter, but she was happy. I do not understand the logic.

However, Mr. Secretary the sword is in your hand.
Author: harold