Prohibition Laws 101

States Export Their Inmates as Prisons Fill

Reckon we oughta look at some drug prohibition laws. No, we want to think, what a wonderful job we are doing keeping drugs away from our children. While we lock up the mentally ill, create a violent market place, corrupt our law enforcement and judicial system and destroy our constitution. What a deal, let us go back and stone a few adulteress women.

No mention of the cause of the overcrowding.
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Crying Is The Only Thing To Do

I was in Charlotte, NC for some Continuing Education related to my job during April, 1977. I hung out in the evenings at a fellowship hall. There was one Southern lady near the age I am now that stayed round there with her husband. Her name was Nadine. There was a middle aged gentleman, whom was there for a short time by the name of Charlie, He was really suffering. I came in one afternoon, Nadine had already got there. She came when her husband got off from work. Charlie came in with a young man with whom he had been staying.

As Charlie entered the room where Nadine and I were sitting and she was engaged is some Southern lady stuff, she look up and said, “Why, Charles I have not seen you forever.” Charlie answer, “Nadine, I have been drinking”. Nadine began to cry as sincerely as if she was at a relative’s funereal.

Sometime when we see our friends suffer, it seems crying is the only appropriate thing to do
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Our children live in a triangle of 6560 highway miles while their mother and I live 210 miles outside of the triangle. We do not get too many opportunities to hug them but we try to stay in touch. Thank God we had each of them for 18 years.

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How We Get Addicted

How We Get Addicted
Time Magazine: Thursday, Jul. 05, 2007 By MICHAEL D. LEMONICK

From The text:

“Addictions,” says Joseph Frascella, director of the division of clinical neuroscience at the National Institute on Drug Abuse ( NIDA), “are repetitive behaviors in the face of negative consequences, the desire to continue something you know is bad for you.”

This dude should have consulted weirdharold when writing this definition of an addict.

I am going to say this about the article in Time Magazine:

1. A decision to treat any disease should be determined by the sufferer, if possible.

2. “The only person more insane than an alcoholic who continues to drink is the one trying to make him/her stop.

I am sure the same applies to drugs.”

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