Crying Is The Only Thing To Do

I was in Charlotte, NC for some Continuing Education related to my job during April, 1977. I hung out in the evenings at a fellowship hall. There was one Southern lady near the age I am now that stayed round there with her husband. Her name was Nadine. There was a middle aged gentleman, whom was there for a short time by the name of Charlie, He was really suffering. I came in one afternoon, Nadine had already got there. She came when her husband got off from work. Charlie came in with a young man with whom he had been staying.

As Charlie entered the room where Nadine and I were sitting and she was engaged is some Southern lady stuff, she look up and said, “Why, Charles I have not seen you forever.” Charlie answer, “Nadine, I have been drinking”. Nadine began to cry as sincerely as if she was at a relative’s funereal.

Sometime when we see our friends suffer, it seems crying is the only appropriate thing to do
Author: harold