Me, Michael Moore, Medical Professional, and Pharmaceuticals

I was waiting to see my primary physician 7/26/07. In the waiting room I was join by four (4). Yes you heard me right 4 pharmaceutical sales people. 2 women and 2 men. I was the only person there to see the physician for his services. I ask one of the young ladies if they were all competitors, She replied, “Yes”. Then I asked, “Do you have a little Mary Jane in your bag?” No answer but the expression was anger.
Author: harold

More on the Murder in my Backyard

This violent crime happened in my backyard and very close to the home of our US Congressional Representative. The perpetrators of this crime thought they could enrich themselves without notice because the victim was operating in a marketplace our drug prohibition laws has been trying to down for 93 years. Our Congressman wants to blame this murder on the product. That murder that happened in MY backyard and is happening in neighborhoods all over cities in the US are a result of prohibition laws. The untold deaths as a results of these laws and also by the efforts to enforce these laws are very disturbing. Our lawmaker want set on the political sideline and blame the violence on the drug. Our lawmakers relate as Congressman Wickerdoes, ” Drugs are a danger to American society and pose a serious threat to the safety and stability of our families and neighborhoods.” while there is absolutely no proof these laws help anyone. Every treatment center bed in the USA is filled and a long waiting list. Why don’t they show some results of the laws. Something better than how many arrests they made and how many kilos of drugs were taken off the streets. No, no, no give me something a little better than a teenage girl that is just out of the legal system from some drug law infraction telling their parents and at the DEA what they would like to hear.

Why can’t we get a hearing or maybe a study on this type of crime. They stop telling me how many coco crops we have destroyed in Colombia It really makes a big difference in Tupelo. (sic)

These prohibition laws were created in 1914 by the Harrison Act and it included only two products. Both had been around for for more than two thousand years. A third was added in 1937. Proof show it has been around 10,000 years. At times these prohibition laws succeed in slowing the rate of these product getting to the consumer. Then the famous economist Samuel Adams’s Laws of supply and demand take effect. Other similar product are put into the marketplace. I am sure Mr. Adams would cry in his sleep if he could witness our prohibition laws and their effect on our society. In 1973 our lawmakers reused themselves from adding to this list and gave this responsibility to the Judicial Department. with the only requirement, “Potential for abuse”. Today we have eighteen.

This is a perfect example of how oblivious our Congress is our of the people they represent. Of, course he was not home. At least I never see him.

My thoughts are a little scattered, but I am mad. Very dangerous for a Manic Depressive. I will pay later.
Author: harold

My letter to the Daily Journal was Printed (but no Link)

Copied from my files

I must make a correction. The murder was within 500 ft. of his parent’s home not his. I should more careful more with my facts.

The Editor
Box 909
Tupelo, MS 38802-0909

I sent an e-mail to our congressman, Roger Wicker, after the May murder and attempted robbery at 615 Magnolia Drive. This criminal act was printed many times in the Daily Journal. The close vicinity of this hideous act to his (and my) home I thought would get his attention about the destructive nature of our drug prohibition laws. Well, it didn’t. The maker of laws does not want to talk about laws; he wants to talk about drugs.

Here is the text of his reply:

“I believe that our nation must continue to fight illicit drug use, especially in children and young adults. Drugs are a danger to American society and pose a serious threat to the safety and stability of our families and neighborhoods. I am committed to continuing to fight this war. I believe that all illegal drug use, including the use of marijuana, is wrong and deserves just punishment.”

The crime committed in my back yard was not the result of illicit drug use; it was created by drug prohibition laws. These laws create a violent marketplace. The drugs do not do this. The laws do it. Acts such as this go unchecked in our large metropolitan areas, leaving dead and injured with no recourse. Of course we should keep psychoactive drugs from children and young adults. Has no one heard of an ID card? No, we drive our children into this horror-able marketplace, only to learn they have been given mistruths and some will become addicts. They and their families will suffer a horror few will know. You say this drug use is wrong and should be punished. Well we have about 30 million addicts in the U.S. now and about 50 million have used marijuana.

Mr. Congressman continues to fight this war with SWAT teams, ramming rods, AK-47s, no knock search warrants, more jails, more drug tests and very little evidence to convict. Continue to punish the mentally ill as criminals.  

Maybe he should come to his congressional district and go with me to the jails, prisons, treatments centers, Salvation Army, detoxification centers, the alleys in Tupelo where the suffering lives are, and touch the hands of those you are saving or fighting (they are the same). Maybe we should drop by for a wake of a young man or woman who has just committed suicide because of drug addiction. We can tell the parents just what you have told me. Sit with me behind a computer and we will search the 33 percent who are imprisoned for non-violent drug crimes, in your district, because of the prohibition laws you of which you are so proud. Then sit and tell me how great these laws are and who are they serving.

Punish the criminal.   

Treat the mentally ill with compassion and restraint, as instructed by the teaching of Jesus Christ.  

Author: harold

e-mail from my Comgressman and my reply

Subject: Reply from Congressman Roger Wicker
Date: August 7, 2007 12:17:07 PM CDT

Thank you for contacting me regarding illegal drug usage . I am glad to have the benefit of your views on these issues.
I believe that our nation must continue to fight illicit drug use, especially in children and young adults. Drugs are a danger to American society and pose a serious threat to the safety and stability of our families and neighborhoods. I am committed to continuing to fight this war. I believe that all illegal drug use, including the use of marijuana, is wrong and deserves just punishment.
Please feel free to contact me if I can ever be of assistance.
With best wishes, I am

Sincerely Yours,
Roger F. Wicker
Member of Congress

The Most Honorable Congressman:

I thank you very much for your reply, however I must say, hopefully, we can agree to disagree. I have no interest in the drugs you mention, none. I am only interested in the laws of drug prohibition. These laws have no constructive value, only destructive. They destroy our Constitution, create a violent marketplace, sow the seeds to corrupt enforcement and judicial system and punish the mentally ill.

Your e-mail indicates your have very strong feelings about these laws. (more about drugs than laws) You could get much local input if you would consider a local debate here in Tupelo on value of these laws.

your neighbor and constituent


Author: harold

When Horror Came to a Connecticut Family

To my friends at the New York Times

From the text: They were both serial burglars with drug habits.

Hummm, why do we need the adjective, “with drug habits” to tell this story. Were they black, Irish, Hispanics, maybe Muslims?

I know hundreds of drug addicts. I do not believe any are serial burglars and murders. All your are doing is trampling on the mentally ill by connecting them to most hideous criminal behavior. Shame on you.
Author: harold

House Passes Changes in Eavesdropping Program

House Passes Changes in Eavesdropping Program

It appears the guardians of our Constitution are more concerned about what their opponents with megaphones will say about them, than the desires of their contingents or the Constitution.

So goes our Congress that fails their oversight responsibility. Thirteen years of our Congress looking into nothing seriously but,”Pussy-gate”

Why not oversight here:

  • War In Iraq
  • Katrina
  • FAA (safety)
  • FDA (safety)
  • Highway Transportation (safety)
  • Underground Mine (safety)
  • DEA (terrorism not discussed)
  • Redistribution of wealth
  • Medicare (Schedule D)
  • Third Party pay healthcare

They could stop discussing these:

  • Terrorism (simply by defining what it is)*
  • Steroid use by professional athletes

* Terrorist is a rich and former resident of Arabia. They are not members of the Saud family. They want us to kiss their ass like we do the members of the Saud family. They are using controversial tenets of a nearly 1400 year old religion observed by over a billion people to accomplish this mission. At issue is OIL. Stop kissing ass for oil.

Author: harold