Nightline 10/2/2007

Until a few days ago I had never heard of salvia. However, I know very little about any psychoactive drug and I have never pretended I do. Some a of these substances are physically addictive, some are psychologically addictive, and some offer temporary relief for a diseased brain. That is the extent of my knowledge on about psychoactive drugs. I doubt very seriously anyone else can deliver many more facts on how these substances act upon our central nervous system.

Last night ABC started the MSM attack on salvia. Not much knowledge but it is BAD stuff. This was affirmed by showing short vids of young adults after they have delivered this product to their body by inhaling the smoke from the burning substance. (I have always thought this is similar to showing vids of childbirth to youngsters to prove abstinence is the only way.)

I did not start out this to talk about drugs. I want to talk about laws. The Nightline piece also stated the DEA was looking into whether we should make this product illegal to cultivate, manufacture, transport, or sell.

The DEA decides this. We can go around our legislative branch of government to make laws. So much for the Land of the Free.

Author: harold