For our group purpose there is but one ultimate authority – a loving God as he may express Himself in our group conscience……………………

A vote is a man made way of saying, “This is our group conscience, so the authority comes from God”, when it is an act of governance. God is expressing Himself when we are all loving, tolerance, and compassionate to the still suffering and each other. While we keep in mind our purpose and our limitations. It is all a matter of what God can do that we cannot do.

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State Prisons: Listen To The Feds

I saw this on an Utne reader article comments
Dear friends,
I have such mixed feelings about this issue. Would like to see some of the rehabilitated prisoners free and living a productive life. However, many of the drug addicts who ended up in prison, did do something harmful to society, mostly all against the 10 commandments. With that said, how do we protect ourselves from those who “know not what they do,” when under the influence of drugs, when again they fall prey to drugs again and again. What is the answer, we see it all the time. Those inflicting pain and trauma to others. I am afraid to see thousands of these previous drug offenders all let loose at once. What is the real answer?
Posted by: Patricia Masterson (  ) at 12/13/2007 11:39 AM

This was my reply:
Patricia Masterson you have the right thought, however I think you have it directed the wrong way. Please remember the thought “know not what they do,” was not directed at those with a spiritual malady. It was directed to those driving the nails.

I would suggest to the lady read Mark 9 28-29
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A friend came up missing. Her name is Regina. Thought she might be in the pokey so I put Regina in the MDOC(MS) inmate search Can you believe what I found?

Inmate ID Last Name First Name Location Term Offense






Remember both men are black. It ain’t too bad a thing to rape a black woman, but do not sell her a little crack cocaine.
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A thought fo 12/09/07

Melancholy is present but I will see if I can write. My depression has been in a reverse mode. I have been able to read. I am keeping up with world affairs online since we have no TV. It is had for me to compose. It is very hard to put my thoughts into words. My last post,” Why Drug Prohibition is a Failed Policy” is some of my best work in a long time I think. If anybody understands I do not know.
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Why Drug Prohibition is a Failed Policy

  1. Does psychoactive drugs cause addiction?
  2. When does an addict become an addict?
  3. When has an addict recovered?


  1. No. Use is present at sometime in the addict’s life.
  2. Unknown. When use is disruptive to the addict and others is a common definition. Addicts’ thought processes are distorted long before drug use begins.
  3. Never. Absence of drug use does not mean recovery or remission.

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Drug Courts as stated from the Daily Journal

EDITORIAL:Drug courts

From your text:

“The mission of drug courts, which have been evolving since the 1980s, is simply stated: Stop abuse of alcohol and other drugs and related criminal activity by offenders.

The method, of course, is complex and intense, but results have been impressive nationwide, supported by an expanding body of scientific research, much of it instigated by the Office of National Drug Control Policy, a federal agency.”

This my friend is less than putting a band aid on a cancer. So long a we think our judicial system can treat the diseased brain of an addict we will get all kinds of statements such as this. The only person more insane than an addict that continues to self medicate with psychoactive drugs is the person trying to make him stop.

The drug laws we have in effect since the Harrison Act of 1914 has disrupted our society to a point we believe we the drugs are causing the problem the laws create. The more we spend trying to stop the ill from relieving themselves of some fire on the brain the more disorder we create. Then, we can put more human effort into causing more disruption. The drug courts are more of the same. If you want to fill a hole, stop digging in it.

Please put a reporter on the murder that happened on Magnolia Street in May. Come back and convince me this crime could have happened if these laws of prohibition were not in effect.
Let us get our thinking back on track.

  1. Let the treatment alcoholism/drug addiction fall into the hands of the medical professional.
  2. Let the marketplace of drugs be determine by the products sold, or not sold, via aid of medical professional.
  3. Use our judicial system to create a more stable society, not less as with these prohibition laws

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Article In Rolling Stone Magazine

How America Lost the War on Drugs

Here is a very well written article with some heavy duty research. The title should be, ” How the Babylonians Failed in Their Attempt to Build a Tower to Heaven

Contrary to the author’s belief, the objective of the “War on Drugs” is faulty. It is a political haymaker when thing in D.C go wrong. It falls into the same actions as:

War is a cowardly escape from the problems of peace.
Thomas Mann
German writer (1875 – 1955)
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