Langston Moves to Liquidate some Expensive Assets

“The richer your friends, the more they will cost you.”
Elisabeth Marbury

I wonder if the above quote will mean anything to Joey Langston, Timothy Balducci, and Steve Patterson when they stand before a federal judge and make their allocutions, prior to going off to some kind of confinement.

Joey Langston in the Daily Journal

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Let the facts speak in the lawyer issues

I hear many from Mississippi talk of the great lawsuit against the tobacco companies. The lawyers deserve the money because of the risk they took.

Well I look at this from a little different view. First no tobacco, no United States of America. Public policy should not be made by the state judicial system. This issue should have been handled in Mississippi’s Legislature via taxes that could be earmarked for the Medicaid Program. Instead they were put into the general fund and who knows what happened.
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Legal Reform In Mississippi

After a few of Mississippi’s most visible lawyers spend a few days in a Federal Prison Country Club, does anyone think there will be any changes in the Mississippi Judicial System or do you think the Democratic Presidential Candidate will win in South Carolina?

If you do, I have some ocean front property just west of Daddy’s tobacco farm in Kentucky for sell, if you would be interested.
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North East Daily Journal’s EDITORIAL: Legal reform

I often read quote on a blog by Andrew Sullivan’s Daily Dish “To see what is in front of one’s nose needs a constant struggle”. This can be found here by George Orwell.

There are many good points made by the Journal. However I have noted BIG flaws in the Mississippi Judicial System ever since I started reading about three civil rights worker being slain and buried under a dam in 1963. Then I heard a juror could not convict a preacher. That issue was corrected 40 years later. While I was living in Lee County in 2002 I noted an individual avoided a road block, before the night was over three people were dead and to this day no one has been held accountable for those actions. Does anyone know what the hell was going on?

Mississippi Judicial System needs more, than more laws. They need less. Also they need somebody outside the barrel to look in and see what is going on. The Feds coming in and straightening out a mess is not the answer.

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Scruggs Oxford Mess

I am just the son of a poor tobacco farmer with not too much education. I have been following the Oxford, MS thing. I noticed the New York Times picked up the story and I noted they put in the Business Section. That through me for a loop so I started looking around asking dumb questions. Then I noted a paragraph in The NYT article:

Now, the fate of Mr. Scruggs is being watched closely by advocates of tort reform as well as lawyers and industry leaders, who have all found themselves in his cross hairs over the last two decades. “He stands for the proposition that the halls of justice can become the arena for pressing public policy goals,” says David M. Bernick, a partner at the firm Kirkland & Ellis, who has represented the tobacco industry. “People want to know the reality of how he came to be so influential.”

A little more research brought me to this link. It sounded all very legal, so I never got much out of the text.

I am back to where I started, is the mess in Oxford business, legal, or maybe both?

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Democratic Party Challenged by Indictments

This is not about Democrats and Republicans this is about about a flawed Mississippi Judicial System. I started reading about this unjust legal wing of the government when I was a teenager in Kentucky. While I lived in Mississippi 1993-2007, I was so wrapped up in the mistreatment of addicts, I did not notice how the powerful managed the Judicial System.

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Another Murder in the Name of Saving our Children

Another murder in the name of saving our children

I hope my former Congressman turned Senator sees this and tell me how great of a job we are doing saving our children from drugs. Text of this article tell of a dangerous man selling drugs. We have chosen this method to stop him.

I gotta a better way. A marketplace where competition is allowed. Dangerous drugs will be eliminated and those who sell to minors can be prosecuted.
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“… they know not what they do”

“……. they know not what they do”

Such words were uttered from a young man from Narzeth. He spoke those words to the two convicted thieves on each side of him after they all had been nailed to a cross and stood upright. A man who had taken his spiritual knowledge and spread it to the spiritually distraught. His crime was a mere challenge to those who believed they had the answer to all legal, social and spiritual problems.

The same would come today to any man that had the power to question those that are spinning a yarn they are helping the spiritual sick with this so called “drug war”, when in reality they are creating a social calamity where continued failure demands more yarn to spin.
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