Scruggs Oxford Mess

I am just the son of a poor tobacco farmer with not too much education. I have been following the Oxford, MS thing. I noticed the New York Times picked up the story and I noted they put in the Business Section. That through me for a loop so I started looking around asking dumb questions. Then I noted a paragraph in The NYT article:

Now, the fate of Mr. Scruggs is being watched closely by advocates of tort reform as well as lawyers and industry leaders, who have all found themselves in his cross hairs over the last two decades. “He stands for the proposition that the halls of justice can become the arena for pressing public policy goals,” says David M. Bernick, a partner at the firm Kirkland & Ellis, who has represented the tobacco industry. “People want to know the reality of how he came to be so influential.”

A little more research brought me to this link. It sounded all very legal, so I never got much out of the text.

I am back to where I started, is the mess in Oxford business, legal, or maybe both?

Author: harold