The Addict’s First Use

Article from an magazine I hold in high regard.

What begins as smoking a joint escalates by any number of means into heavier things: a whole menu of pharmaceuticals, cocaine in powder or rock form, methamphetamines such as crank or ice, and of course alcohol. This stuff gets eaten, snorted, and drunk, and before long, smoked or injected. Then it’s game over. For the users.

Here is the story drug warriors tell that is not true. But from my own experience and thousands of others are more like this:

I took my first drink on March 24 1960, my last on December 22, 1975. When did I become addict? Here is where all popular belief is phony because experience tell me the conditions for addiction were present when I took my first drink. The same with many others I have met. Prohibition is trying to stop an affliction that already exist.

My conversations with others indicate their experience with the first psychoactive drug created some enormous feeling of relief and the only thought was to go for more. The suffering from that episode was agonizing and we never going to do it again, however the next opportunity we were at it again. This is called addiction. I have never found an addict whose first encounter with a psychoactive drug was marijuana.
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1 in 100 U.S. Adults Behind Bars, New Study Says

We all know drug prohibition has caused this huge burden upon the tax payers

Some think this is the method to resolve part of the problem.

From the Text:
“We have 5,500 D.W.I offenders in prison,” he said, including people caught driving under the influence who had not been in an accident. “They’re in the general population. As serious as drinking and driving is, we should segregate them and give them treatment.”

I disagree. Trying to take alcohol away from the user has never worked, after 6,000 years of trying we should get the idea. I think another method should be tried. Take away his automobile!!!

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Will Rogers’ Quotes for Today

Prohibition is better than no liquor at all
Communism is like prohibition, it’s a good idea but it won’t work.
Why don’t they pass a constitutional amendment prohibiting anybody from learning anything? If it works as well as prohibition did (does), in five years Americans would be the smartest race of people on Earth.

Will Rogers

I added the “to be” verb
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Hillary v Obama

It my belief the Republicans are pushing Obama over Hillary. They have tried to exploit their hate over Bill then Hill. Their success has been a divided country, but a Republican Congress for 12 years then a Republican president for longer than I want to say. Makes me wanna puke.

Now if they can get a Afro-American on top of the Democratic ticket, oh boy, you gonna see racism that everybody thought was hidden for 40 years. We thought, prayer in schools, homosexuality, abortion were wedge issues.

Every Baptist south of the Mason Dixon line will carry a Bible spouting Genesis 9:25-27. Telling how God commended Ham, a black man, to be a servant for his brothers, forever. Come November 4th a black man or woman will wait at least 2 hours in line to vote and only hope it will count. We as Democrats have not the power to combat this. I know good old progressive like me would like to think differently, but I am afraid not.

If anyone thinks differently you have not visited the same pubs I have lately.

Hillary President-Obama VP is the way I am leaning.

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We’re calling it “The Hypocrite.”

Other people are looking at the goings on in the Mississippi Bar Association or the Mississippi Judicial System, whatever

From the text of the West Virginia Legal Blog

Touring the country to publicize his new book, “The Appeal,” Grisham has been throwing the Mountain State’s justice system under the bus in scores of softball interviews on the air and in print……………………….

Far from developing another fictional narrative based on this real, close-to-home drama, Grisham has positioned himself as the lead trial bar corruption denier.

“Until a jury finds (Scruggs) guilty or he pleads guilty, I’m not going to believe it,” Grisham said.

And maybe even not then. Grisham continues to defend convicted judge-briber and ex-Scruggs associate Paul Minor, sentenced last October to eleven years in prison. Once president of the Mississippi Trial Lawyers Association, Minor was found guilty of a range of charges, including racketeering and bribery of two judges presiding over his cases.

Grisham’s Flat Earth Society analysis: “I never saw what the crime was.”

When it comes to trial lawyers, especially ones he likes, he can’t see well at all.

This failure of vision triggers an idea for our very own novel about a wildly successful writer of legal scandal dramas who gets wrapped up in a real-life dilemma of his own.

We’re calling it “The Hypocrite.” In bookstores soon.
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Super Bowl XLII

Sorry to say I did not watch Eli’s brother last year and had forgotten he was in the fray last year. As I stated on earlier post, I had seen all Super bowls up to # XXVI when I was in Cairo, Egypt and they did not show it there. After that I have devoted all my Sunday afternoons helping Joey Langsford become a saint as stated here by Patsy R. Brumfield
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Bribery Scandal Impact Historic

Theodore Bilbo

This issue is not a Democrat or Republican thing. Mississippi does not have a two party political system. They never have. This is about the rich stealing from the richer, then, fighting over the spoils. All made possible by policies made in their own legislature. It also destroys the the third part of our government, our Judicial System.

No one need fear all will be forgiven just like a whore mongering preacher that repents on TV. All will be back in the same order in a few years with nothing learned from history.

Thoughts from Weirdharold

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Super Bowl

I am going to indulge myself and put a few memories of the Super Bowls The first the excitement about the first Super Bowl was off stage. It was the NFL and the AFL. CBS did the NFL and NBC did the AFL games. These games were put off because they could not decide who would televise the game. It was decided they would both televised the first and rotated years after the first. M. SCOTT MORRIS States here $3 million for 30-second commercial spots. NBC got $75,000 and CBS got $85,000 for a one-minute television commercial. CBS thought they had the best following, so I watched NBC. The game was dull and boring.

The next year I remember two thing. Number one the playoff game between Dallas and Green Bay in Green Bay -13 degree. The game was won on the last play of the game when Green Bay had 4th and (goal)6 inches. Bart the quarterback took the ball over the goal line after a tremendous block by the left guard(Jerry Kramer) on the right tackle (Jethro Pugh). My team (the Browns) had lost to Dallas the week earlier. I was rooting for the Cowboys on a very cold day in KY the last day of 1967 . Super Bowl II all I remember was Roger Bird (fellow Kentuckian) fumbling a fair catch. Then what a dull game.

Next year NBC had the Hidei game, Joe Namath and the Baltimore Colts which ended the AFL All my memories a sketchy after that. I was in Cairo, Egypt when Super Bowl XXVI was played. I have not watched one since out of out-right contrariness.

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