Super Bowl

I am going to indulge myself and put a few memories of the Super Bowls The first the excitement about the first Super Bowl was off stage. It was the NFL and the AFL. CBS did the NFL and NBC did the AFL games. These games were put off because they could not decide who would televise the game. It was decided they would both televised the first and rotated years after the first. M. SCOTT MORRIS States here $3 million for 30-second commercial spots. NBC got $75,000 and CBS got $85,000 for a one-minute television commercial. CBS thought they had the best following, so I watched NBC. The game was dull and boring.

The next year I remember two thing. Number one the playoff game between Dallas and Green Bay in Green Bay -13 degree. The game was won on the last play of the game when Green Bay had 4th and (goal)6 inches. Bart the quarterback took the ball over the goal line after a tremendous block by the left guard(Jerry Kramer) on the right tackle (Jethro Pugh). My team (the Browns) had lost to Dallas the week earlier. I was rooting for the Cowboys on a very cold day in KY the last day of 1967 . Super Bowl II all I remember was Roger Bird (fellow Kentuckian) fumbling a fair catch. Then what a dull game.

Next year NBC had the Hidei game, Joe Namath and the Baltimore Colts which ended the AFL All my memories a sketchy after that. I was in Cairo, Egypt when Super Bowl XXVI was played. I have not watched one since out of out-right contrariness.

Author: harold