Hillary v Obama

It my belief the Republicans are pushing Obama over Hillary. They have tried to exploit their hate over Bill then Hill. Their success has been a divided country, but a Republican Congress for 12 years then a Republican president for longer than I want to say. Makes me wanna puke.

Now if they can get a Afro-American on top of the Democratic ticket, oh boy, you gonna see racism that everybody thought was hidden for 40 years. We thought, prayer in schools, homosexuality, abortion were wedge issues.

Every Baptist south of the Mason Dixon line will carry a Bible spouting Genesis 9:25-27. Telling how God commended Ham, a black man, to be a servant for his brothers, forever. Come November 4th a black man or woman will wait at least 2 hours in line to vote and only hope it will count. We as Democrats have not the power to combat this. I know good old progressive like me would like to think differently, but I am afraid not.

If anyone thinks differently you have not visited the same pubs I have lately.

Hillary President-Obama VP is the way I am leaning.

Author: harold