The Silliness Of Drug Courts

Lafayette, Prentiss drug courts in operation

And slowly we build our tower of Babylon. Our drug prohibition laws do not work so we continue to try extensions of a failed policy.

In the USA we have between 25,000,000 to 30,000,000 addict/alcoholics. They are out there dying like flies around a slop jaw and we continued these failed policies.

from the text
“Our court dockets are saturated with drug cases,” Pounds said, “and a workable alternative is desperately needed to deter repeat offenders.


Creekmore said every tool is crucial because each case of drug abuse creates multiple victims.

“I would say 80 percent of all crime is drug-related,” he said. “That’s people breaking into people’s houses, crimes of violence. By the time a criminal defendant is addicted to illegal drugs, their families have already paid a high price.”

Of course, our dockets are saturated with drug cases, we send 80% to 100% of our law enforcement out trying to stop the manufacture, transporting, possession & sale of prohibited substances.

Another statement that does not make any sense.

“You’ll have a lot of addicts who steal a checkbook from their grandma to supplement their habits,” he said.

Are addicts the only people that steal? Our drug prohibition laws are hell bent on keeping him from using not stealing!! The statement is silly because grandma is too full of pride to press charges against a family member for stealing, so let’s blame it on the drugs and hide the real issues.

I get angry when I read such rhetoric. We are creating a pride that kills.

The only person more insane than an addict/alcoholic that continue to use is a person tying to make him stop.
Author: harold