Hospice House

Everybody Loses

  • The Hospice house loses support
  • The investigators lost their job
  • The AG lost political support.
  • Dr. White lost his senses
  • The families of the deceased have lost contact with the grief process, leaving nothing but pain and anguish.
  • A law regulating drugs that have a potential for abuse has gain support. A law that should not exist.

Author: harold

More on the Hospice House

Hospice House case in period of ‘limbo’

As a former resident of Tupelo, I sit here 2400 miles away with my perfect lens watching a very sad situation. First I see an institution having a high moral motive of aiding the pain of the dying and giving support to their loved ones as the time of being passes to a time of nonbeing.

Apparently a war of politics was brewing somewhere in the higher levels of government and this institution became a target. Eleven families were found that had received service from the center for comforting the dying. These families suffer from a very common spiritual malady. They do not grieve in a way where good memories of their loved one replace the pain of the loss. They are not at fault. The Hospice House was developed to help, but these eleven families show you cannot help everybody.

The charges against these individuals come from the drug prohibition laws. These laws date back to the early 20th century. It is a failed public policy that gets worse. It is the dream of every politician and prosecutor to receive public approval. I detest these laws because they show an ignorance of addiction. They are based on the “potential for abuse”

The onset of these laws gave the medical professional their pen and pad. However the causes of addiction are obscure to all, even the medical professional. The cluelessness of pharmacology as it relates to addiction has all (including doctors) in a state of discomfort because of the 100 year war on drugs.

To me the answer lies: The two accused should demand their Vl Amendment Rights of a speedy and public trial. Bring forth all their accusers, the experts, the doctors, the lawyers, the politicians. Prove to a jury of the accused’ peers two things: One, how do you addict someone that has been determined to die within the next six months? Two, the addiction, proven in the first case, will be worse than the dying’ pain.

As I began, this is sad. We have a policy scattered over 100 years which intended to keep drugs with the so called “potential for abuse” in the hands of professionals, under legal restrictions, for medical use, but out of the hands of the public. These individuals were indicted via a conglomeration of these laws, created to continue a popular flawed policy.

However these individuals must be defended from the creation of these laws: “potential for abuse” which does not exist. This is like indicting a 25 year old man for statuary rape for having sex with a willing 25 years old woman. The crime did not happen no matter what daddy said.
Author: harold

Washington Post on Prison Population

New Criminal Record: 7.2 Million
Nation’s Justice System Strains to Keep Pace With Convictions

From WoPo

Tim Lynch, director of the criminal justice project for the libertarian Cato Institute, called the numbers “scandalous” and said states have resorted to “tinkering” to solve prison overcrowding.

“I think these numbers demonstrate that we’ve lost our way,” Lynch said. “We’ve lost our way when our laws require such a massive scale of incarceration.”

Lynch and others said the drug war is destroying American inner cities almost as much as the drug trade. “When you lock up a bank robber, a child molester or a mugger, you’re removing a career offender from the street.

“When you lock up a drug dealer, he is immediately replaced,” Lynch said. “We tried this with alcohol during Prohibition and it didn’t work. We’re not reaching the same conclusion with the drug war. It’s slowly sinking in, but it will take politicians some time to turn this around.”


Author: harold

Short Story

Short Story

I seriously doubt that you can find a person that has personally had more conversations with different alcoholics/drug addicts about the subject of addiction than Weirdharold. This does not make me an expert or do I have any more knowledge of this subject than anyone else. However it does give me a different perspective on what might aid the suffering, simply put, allowing the person to use the substance, but holding him accountable for disturbing the peace of others.

This methodology gives honest relationships between the addict and the public. It focuses on disruptive behavior, not on the substance the addict finds misdirected relief.

Of the thousands of alcoholics that I have discussed our malady, none believed they could stop drinking without some form of spiritual aid. Many , many of these the people have gone back to drinking because the can rationalize (or convince themselves) a drink will be okay. This thought continues until the alcoholic develops honest relationships with others.

However Nancy Reagan says,”Just say no”, then convinces our legislators to spend 100s of billion of dollars to stop drugs from being sold, and to education people how not to be alcoholics and drug addicts. I bet if we really try we can teach people how not to be diabetic, or not to suffer from ALS, Alzheimer, and bipolar. I bet it will work just like the Drug War and just say no, such a sweet saying. It is almost as nice as saying do not go near the restroom when you have the green apple quick step.
Author: harold

This is Not the Way to Sell Drugs

This is not the way to sell drugs

Weirdharold’s Method for Selling Drugs

A taxpaying company would submit to the Federal Drug Administration information on a product that would be classed as one of the following three:
1. Central Nervous System Depressant
2 . Stimulant
3. Hallucinogens
The producers would provide information to the FDA as to the effects on an adult male & female. This information would include shot term effects on the physic, the progressive use, and the long term effect on brain and body. The FDA would ascertain the information and permit or reject the sale of the product. The FDA roll is only to ascertain the truthfulness for the producer not to insure safety of the product. The capitalist economy will determine what is sold.

After the product is approved for sale then the Treasury Department will handle the tax and labeling issues as it does alcohol and tobacco.

At the the point of sale to the consumer, the sale person would give the costumer would be informed of the findings of the effect of the product and he would sign document saying same.
The costumer signs & swears to the following:
1. Will not resale
2. Will not allow to fall into hand of anyone 21 years
3. Will not operate machinery while using products

We now have a product our government guarantees that a producer is selling a product that is what they say it is, only to adults.
Author: harold